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21 Striking Above Ground Pools with Deck Ideas

Aboveground pools are a convenient option if you want to incorporate more fun into your backyard. Moreover, a cool aboveground pool needs a striking deck. Check out these 21 striking above ground pools with deck ideas.

1. Above Ground Pool Deck Ideas DIY

diy above ground pool deck plans

Wood is your go-to material when it comes to making a DIY pool deck. It is inexpensive and easy to assemble.

This wooden pool deck is quite spacious. It has sufficient space for you to lounge on the pool chair while keeping an eye on your swimming kids. It also features a fence that protects you from peeping Tom.

2. Above Ground Pool Deck Ideas for Small Yards

above ground pool decks for small yards

This pool deck lends a Japanese sauna style to the backyard. Recessed LED lights are installed next to each step, allowing you to see them. The deck is surrounded by bamboo to enhance Asian flair.

3. Above Ground Pool Deck Ideas Free

above ground pool free deck plans

This aboveground pool does not feature any decking that allows you to get easier access to the pool. However, its surrounding has been paved, hindering your feet from getting dirty.

The light gray pavers match the pool border nicely, making them flow into one being.

4. Above Ground Pool Deck Ideas Pictures

above ground pool deck designs ideas

This pool is eminently simple, as it does not feature any sophisticated decks that entail woodworking or any other advanced carpentry skills.

A simple stair is available on one side of the pool, giving you easy access to the pool. Since there is no decking, a seating area covered with a patio umbrella is added next to the pool. It does in a pinch.

5. Above Ground Pool Deck Ideas Plans

above ground pool deck plans free

Wood paneling is arranged meticulously around the pool to comfort your bare feet well. This pool deck is also quite spacious so that you can put a small dining table and a patio umbrella here.

White fence wraps around the deck, giving you the ultimate privacy when swimming.

6. Above Ground Pool Deck Ideas Wood

above ground pool wood deck ideas

It is such a lavish pool deck. The off-white stone tiles provide a seamless look that suits the modern style well.

Some armchairs are arranged around the fire pit to form an entertaining area. In addition to stone tiles, wood is also used to make this luxurious decking.

7. Above Ground Pool Decking Ideas Australia

above ground pool decking ideas australia

Adding a slide to your swimming pool means adding more fun. That is what this deck is all. It features a slide despite the limited space. Two chairs are available for you if you want to sit back and relax.

8. Above Ground Pools and Deck Ideas

above ground pool and deck design ideas

Wood and concrete make an epic pool deck. Wood planks are installed around the deck to prevent the inquisitive neighbors to peep. A dining table and patio umbrella are added to enable you to have lunch or breakfast with your family.

9. Above Ground Pools with Deck

above ground pool and deck packages

The wooden deck is quite versatile and suits any home style well depending on how you arrange the wood paneling and what finish you are going to apply.

This wood pool deck implies a modern style nicely as they are stained rather than being distressed.

10. Awesome Above Ground Pool Deck Ideas

cool above ground pool deck ideas

The concrete decking always lends a modern touch to your swimming pool. Besides, maintaining a concrete deck is just a cinch. It also soothes your feet well as it is not too warm when the temperatures are rising.

11. Simple Above-Ground Pool Decking

above ground swimming pool deck images

This decking is simple. It is more functional than aesthetical. The sufficient space enables you to put some chairs to lounge. The railing is installed around the deck and stair for the peace of mind.

12. Pool Deck with Multipurpose Step

easy diy above ground pool deck

This above-ground pool looks elegant with a tiled border. The step is thoroughly designed to serve as a bench as well. Top it with cushions, and you will get the ultimate comfort.

13. Safety First

above ground pool deck decorating ideas

Aboveground pools are install from the ground, which makes it taller than the in-ground one. Moreover, it can be harmful to kids. Therefore, installing railing around the deck can solve your problem.

14. Concrete Deck

best above ground pool to build deck around

Concrete is the top-notch material for pool decking, especially if you are tight on budget. It feels good under your feet and easy to maintain. But it can be slippery when it is wet. Therefore, always ask some help from the expert for a perfect safe finish.

15. Natural Beauty

above ground pool deck ideas for small yards

The combination of stone and concrete has brought in the natural beauty to this aboveground pool. The siding of the deck and steps are cover by stone to add a textural element.

16. Camouflage

above ground pool deck ideas for small yards

Wood paneling stained darker hues are use to make this deck. It looks like a contemporary style.

A long bench is increase the pool. It is also cover by the same wood paneling, making it flow into one being. The railing is use for safety, as this deck is quite high.

17. Small and Cozy

above ground pool deck with pergola

There is no strict rule in choosing certain materials for your pool decking. You can even mix them up, just like this one. The combination of tiles and synthetic material makes this small deck cozy. It can accommodate only two chairs, which makes it more private.

18. Dark Blue with White Railing

modern above ground pool decks

Composite and PVC decking is resistant to rot so they are quite durable. They come in various colors, including blue.
This blue decking will add a splash of color to your pool. Do not forget to install a white railing for safety and curb appeal.

19. Pergola by the Pool

above ground swimming pool deck images

If your deck is spacious enough, try adding a pergola and couch for the outdoor living area. You can sit down and relax while your kids have a ball in the swimming pool. Moreover, add a shade for extra comfort.

20. A Place to Relax

design for above ground pool decks

A swimming pool does not have to be a place where you can swim. It is a place where you can stop for the day and relax too. Just toss a couch, coffee tables, and some chairs, and you are ready to release your stress.

21. Multilevel Deck with Slide

above ground pool deck ideas pictures

Incorporating a slide on a pool deck has always been a great idea. It can make your kids smile exuberantly. Moreover, in this case, railing is indispensable as it can prevent your kids from being injured.

Whether you want an outdoor living area or just a place where you can get easier access to the pool, these above ground pools with deck ideas are worth trying.

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