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21 Remarkable Bathroom Ideas Black and White

With bathroom ideas black and white, you have plenty of style choice from rustic farmhouse to sleek city lofts. Black and white never fails to impress and improve space aesthetically. This article will provide you with 21 remarkable ideas of this monochromatic beauty.
You can explore various design ideas to transform your old bathroom with a lavish space in classic black and white. Without further ado, here are those remarkable ideas we are talking about.

1. Masculine Bathroom Design with Orange Twist

black white and purple bathroom ideas

Some people need more calmness in their bathroom by incorporating dark scheme like this one. This black and white style chose the black color as the main scheme.

The light from white elements is bright enough to provide enough light ambiances to space. The orange accent gives a nice twist that is attractive.

2. Pretty Shower Tile for Black and White Bathroom

black and white bathroom ideas photos

This is the bathroom tile you can buy at Home Depot. It offers such an architecture impression in your shower space. When it gets the appropriate amount of light, you can have the shower as the focal point of your black and white bathroom.

3. Small Black and White Bathroom with Mixed Tiles

black and white marble bathroom ideas

It is a great way to freshen up your small bathroom. Even though the space is very limited in this small bathroom, you still can make it impressive by mixing two different tile designs.

As you can see, the vintage tile pattern on the floor already dominated the whole attention of this bathroom.

4. Luxurious Bathroom with a Glam

small bathroom ideas in black and white

This luxurious bathroom has some brass elements to get you to relax in style. The dynamic hexagonal style “rug” in this bathroom makes a perfect stunning base for the bathroom.

The jewelry-inspired chandelier plays such an important role from the ceiling area. The gold-plated faucets are somewhat super fancy.

5. Modern Black and White Walk-in Shower

black white and green bathroom ideas

This shower space has a clear glass door that looks classy from this point of view. You can see through the glass. The black floor tile connects to the wall mosaic accent. The crisp white tile on the wall makes the mosaic accent pops.

The silver faucet makes it seamlessly join the stunning color of this entire space. It is a simple combination and it has anything you need.

6. Bathroom Ideas with Moroccan Tile

contemporary black and white bathroom ideas

The black and white Moroccan tile ideas will easily fit in any style of bathroom. In this bright bathroom, such a pattern will pleasingly catch your attention. However, you can have the floor as the only black and white color in a room.

7. Black Powder Room for Your House

black and white traditional bathroom ideas

As you can see, this powder room has black color as the main scheme. The white is only used minimally as the accent. Although so, the white element makes a great focal point for space.

8. Budget-Friendly Bathroom Remodel with Black Tile

small bathroom black and white tiles

The subway style of black flooring plays a big role in this bathroom. It directly connects to the shower area right on the corner. The black vanity cabinet joins the dark side of the flooring. Add some greenery on the vanity to incorporate the natural atmosphere.

9. Gorgeous Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas

simple black and white bathroom ideas

If you like to incorporate a modern farmhouse style to your bathroom, you should explore this one. The tile designs represent the whole appearance.

10. Traditional Black Bathroom Design

small bathroom black and white decor

This small bathroom is perfect for an apartment. It is the design you should have to remodel the bathroom in your flat. It offers a stylish and traditional taste to your daily activity. The calmness of black on the wall, ceiling, and floor will amaze you.

11. Black and White Bathroom with Slanted Ceiling

black white and gold bathroom ideas

The slanted ceiling is a unique feature to be inside a bathroom. However, you should highlight it for an interesting feature. This minimalist bathroom has an open shower that supports the style.

12. Fabulous Clawfoot Bathtub for Bathroom

black and white striped bathroom ideas

If you want to have interesting main furniture in your bathroom, a clawfoot tub should be the first one that comes to mind. This tub would look fabulous in any bathroom. In a black and white bathroom, the white color from the tub would be pop.

13. Monochromatic Bathroom with a Yellow Pop

wall color ideas for black and white bathroom

A pop of yellow that comes from the stool easily become a special feature of this bathroom. The mosaic black tiles on the flooring that goes on to the wall create such cool contrast to the yellow.

14. Rustic Bathroom with Checkered Tile

small bathroom black and white floor tiles

The rustic checkered covers the entire space of the flooring and wall of this bathroom. This rustic bathroom design is something you do not see very often. The designer has a unique taste.

15. Scandinavian Farmhouse Bathroom Design

black and white tile bathroom decorating ideas

The Nordic style of this bathroom design is enough to elevate the classic charm of black and white. It has a vintage tub that dominates the Scandinavian atmosphere.

16. Elegant Bathroom with Patterned Tiles

black and white bathroom ideas uk

This small bathroom looks elegant and timeless. The full-patterned flooring can be an issue to this small space. However, the subway tile has managed to balance it.

17. Bold Black Bathroom Design

decorating ideas for black and white bathroom

Sometimes, people see an unusual charm from such a dark color. This contemporary bathroom design has black curtains to cover the bright lights. Therefore, the room can go completely dark without the lighting.

18. Black and White Bathroom with Eclectic Style

black and white retro bathroom ideas

Check out the bathroom design in this neo-Victorian home. The traditional taste of this bathroom comes with complete features. It has all you need to be eclectic.

19. Black and White Stripes with Red Accessories

cute black and white bathroom ideas

The red accessories in this striped bathroom are enough to bring different tastes into the mix. It seems like the red color saves the bathroom from being too flat.

20. Transitional Black and White Bathroom

black and white farmhouse bathroom ideas

The well-patterned flooring looks trendy. It is enough to bring the style out of the casualty. The ladder shelf is a great idea to keep the design minimalist.

21. Color Split Bathroom Flooring with Herringbone Style

black and white bathroom ideas houzz

You can have a unique touch for your bathroom flooring. If you are confused about choosing between black or white for the floor tile color, why don’t you have both applied? The split style of herringbone flooring looks so special.

All of these remarkable bathroom ideas black and white are just what you need to transform your bathroom. As you already know from reading the post, black and white combination has many things to offer.


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