small bathroom ideas grey and white

22 Bathroom Ideas Grey And White to Relax Your Day

For those who want to have a place for peaceful recuperation, look at these bathroom ideas grey and white.

Grey and white would make a perfect combination for a bathroom scheme. It is a stylish combination with a calming backdrop. Taking a bath or a shower with calming surroundings will drive away your stresses of the day.

1. White Small Bathroom with Gray Cabinet

bathroom ideas with grey and white

As you see in the picture, this bathroom looks so narrow. From this point of view, it looks like a powder room since it only consists of toilet and vanity. There are other bathroom elements right in front of the vanity. Besides the toilet, you can find the shower space.

2. Bold Gray Wall and White Accents

simple grey and white bathroom ideas

Beside gray and white, this bathroom also has a black element. That black vanity set is there to set a focal point charm. The gray wall becomes more obvious because of that light. I guess the brightness is too intimidating for other colors.

3. White Bathroom with Herringbone Tile

pink grey and white bathroom ideas

The choice of pattern for the wall tile makes the bathroom more attractive. The bright lighting exposes the texture of the tile. The marble pattern on the vanity countertop balances the gray accents on the tile gap.

4. Modern White Bathroom Ideas

light grey and white bathroom ideas

A slight gray shade appears on the flooring. The gray shade is almost white and it is installed on the wall and floor. The floating vanity has a crisp white color that compliments the gray to pop even more.

5. Grayish Mosaic Tile for Wall Decor

pink grey and white bathroom ideas

This powder room has a lot to offer despite being in a very small space. That mosaic tile in the middle of the wall adds character to the wall. The dark tile on the floor has a similar scheme to that accent. That is why this small room looking harmonious.

6. Stylish Bathroom with Wainscoting

grey and white ensuite bathroom ideas

There is nothing more stylish and impressive than wainscoting in the bathroom. It is a classy touch to give to make the bathroom more stunning. The white wainscoting part of the wall is combined with a soft gray color. The combination blends well with the flooring and vanity countertop.

7. Modern Walk-in Shower with Marble Tile

bathroom images grey and white

The wall of this shower space is covered with high-quality marble tile. It connects from flooring to the wall. A marble tile has its special pattern that could improve the value of a space or element. This walk-in shower has a mounted bench for the seating area.

8. Gray and White Ceramic Tile

bathroom ideas with grey and white

The neutral scheme in this bathroom is somewhat relaxing. The calmness that grey shades have to offer would be a satisfaction for your relaxation. A little bit of greenery on the vanity would be necessary.

9. Narrow Gray Bathroom with Chic Touch

ideas for a grey and white bathroom

The design of the curtain is the only chic element in this bathroom. The wall light illuminates the darker gray on the wall. The lighting makes one spot on the wall becomes more exposed. Add wall storage right above the toilet wall to organize some stuff.

10. Bathroom with Gray Fog Subway Tile

decorating ideas for grey and white bathroom

Ordinary subway tile is already popular for the bathroom wall, especially in the shower area. One issue about this bathroom is the position of windows. The window seems too high in position. Well, it is probably the best solution.

11. Grey, White, and Blue Bathroom with Geometric Tile

bathroom ideas grey and white tiles

This stunning bathroom has two pendant lights adorn the vanity set of this bathroom. In this bathroom, there are three colors, grey, white, and blue. It seems like the addition of blue has succeeded to upstage the entire bathroom design.

12. Double Sink Vanity Ideas with Patterned Wall

small bathroom ideas grey and white

This is a vanity area of a grey and white bathroom. From this view, space looks chock-full. The double vanity concept complements the beauty of that well-patterned feature wall.

The wall patterns stand from edge to edge. The traditional pendant lights with black color hang from each vanity.

13. Mosaic Tile on Unique Sinks

bathroom remodel ideas grey and white

Instead of having a lot of additional accessories or decoration, why don’t you just play with mosaic tiles and unique sinks? As you can see, this bathroom has almost the entire wall and floor space in the mosaic tile. Those two sinks are also unique to stand in the middle of the mosaic tile.

14. The Dark Scheme of Bathroom

bathroom images grey and white

If you want to have a different kind of atmosphere in your bathroom, you may want to try playing with a dark palette like this bathroom design. The dark gray color in this bathroom is nearly black. A white toilet and sink give a little bit of hope for lights.

15. Powder Room Setup with Gray and White

simple grey and white bathroom ideas

This powder room has a simple gray and white combination. You can get inspiration from this setup. The frameless oval mirror looks stylish supported by those triple sconces above it. The simple dots pattern on the floor is decorated with some kind of purple rug.

16. Farmhouse Grey and White Bathroom Design

bathroom ideas grey and white tiles

This farmhouse bathroom is quite entertaining for some people. You can have such a beautiful urban style in your bathroom. It features a little bit of industrial vibe to complete the farmhouse elements.

17. Gray Subway Tile with Gradation

bathroom ideas in gray and white

The gray subway tile on the wall plays an important part in dimming the light of this bathroom. The eggshell white and large mirror reflects many lights from the window. That subway tile comes to help to balance the brightness.

18. Gray and White Bathroom with Checkered Floor

modern bathroom ideas grey and white

The floor gives more character to this gray and white bathroom. The mirror frame accompanies the black accent on the floor.

19. Medium-Gray Wall and Vanity in Kids Bathroom

bathroom remodel ideas grey and white

Take a look at this bathroom, the green dinosaur on the vanity indicate to whom this bathroom belong. The alcove concept for the vanity space adds depth to this space.

20. Bathroom Ideas with Concrete and Pattern

grey white and blue bathroom ideas

It has a natural gray scheme from the concrete surface. It is on the floor and the wall. That interesting pattern sets the focal point of this bathroom.

21. Bathroom Ideas Grey and White with a Twist

dark grey and white bathroom tile ideas

Instead of just a boring gray and white, you can incorporate other colors like this one. There is a bold red, light blue, and black.

22. Luxurious and Modern Bathroom Design

grey and white bathroom floor tile ideas

That bathtub set up the right mood in this bathroom. Those large gray tiles on the wall would spread the calmness you need during your bathtub session.

Gray and white is such a classic neutral combo, which becomes an easy solution for timeless yet chic bathroom decor. Those bathroom ideas grey and white would support your relaxation every day.


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