small bathroom with shower door

Simply Stunning Bathroom Ideas with Shower that Suit You just Right

Bathroom ideas with shower give simple and practical purposes. It does not take some significant space, as you can just stand and have a shower.

If you wish to have some more room to move around inside, removing the bath is the solution.

A bathroom is a place in which you could regain freshness. You can also bathe yourself when you want to relax. Alternatively, just use a shower when you are in a hurry.

1. Glass Wall

bathroom ideas in shower

Having both a bathtub and a shower in the bathroom is a preference. It is acceptable if your space is sufficient to accommodate them. This walk-in bathroom pictures the idea of having the combination in a box of glass.

2. Keep It Simple

small half bathroom with shower ideas

A bathroom with a shower and glass partition is the right choice. This works for a small space. You can find not much stuff inside. This will be perfect for you who do not want to spend a long time in the bathroom.

3. Keep It Clean

bathroom design shower head

You should prioritize cleanliness and hygiene factors. When the bathroom has been there for quite some time, it might need some changes and renovations to make you enjoy having a shower there.

4. Create Storage

guest bathroom ideas with shower

This bathroom installs a relatively big window on subway-tiled walls. You might require storage in the bathroom for saving some stuff while having a bath.

5. The Workflow

small bathroom with shower glass

Bathroom design and size usually follow your space availability. This picture can explain that well. The bathroom sits just right on the corner. It is easy to open and get into without getting in the way.

6. Add a Shelf

small bathroom with freestanding tub and shower

The bathroom combines two different tile walls from different materials. Two sides use small tiles while the rest use wide tiles. Adding a shelf could be a way of creating storage in the bathroom.

7. Sliding Door

bathroom ideas for shower curtains

When the room is limited, you should think of a way to deal with it. A sliding door can save some room. With that, you can still have plenty of room for other purposes.

8. Glass Divider

bathroom ideas for shower only

Place the toilet next to the bathtub if you have cramped space. You can use a wall glass as a partition to divide them. If you are tall, you should be careful when getting into the bathtub since your head might bump the ceiling.

9. Satisfying Look

master bathroom ideas with walk in shower

The patterns on tiles make the bathroom looks so satisfying. You can sit on a spot available or use it for storing soap and shampoo. Small lights near the window will enlighten you when it is dark inside.

10. Add a Small Detail

bathroom color ideas with shower curtains

This one is a tall bathroom with a simple shape. The mosaic tiles near the ceiling give a pretty look. They also tell how high the glass walls are. Giving a small detail, just like the mosaic tiles, can make the bathroom more attractive.

11. Small Bathroom with a Mirror

small bathroom ideas with shower enclosure

The bathroom features a mirror along with a couple of lights. The gray walls with small tiles surround the bathroom. A window plays a big role in circulating bathroom air. With it, you can always have some fresh air.

12. Be Elegant

bathroom images with shower curtains

The choice of tiles used in the bathroom makes it looks stylish. A different tile is in the middle of the floor and wall, creating a unique look. You can hang a towel to keep it dry and clean. This is a simple yet elegant bathroom out of a compact room.

13. Fantastic Bathroom Idea

bathroom designs with glass shower doors

This one could be the bathroom everybody loves to have in his or her houses. Its owner separates the bathtub and shower cubicle. The bathroom is spacious with a gentle breeze as you open the window.

14. Graphic Tiles

small bathroom with doorless shower

With a full glass wall from floor to top and a graphic, the bathroom feels a bit secluded. The shower is right in the middle of the ceiling. You can take a bath while enjoying a nice view outside the bathroom through the window.

15. Half Concrete Wall

small bathroom ideas with doorless shower

If you do not want people to see your skin in the bathroom, build half of the wall with concrete, then put a glass on it. It will allow you to see outside through the glass with half of your body covered.

16. Get a Towel Rack

small bathroom with shower door

A slippery floor is dangerous. You should be aware of this important thing when having a bathroom. This monochromatic bathroom looks flawless. It also features a towel rack and a mirror.

The black hue in the bathroom combines perfectly with the white color. A neutral color vanity matches well with the surroundings.

17. Pick a Color

small bathroom with shower floor plans

A certain color of tiles can influence the appearance and mood. Choosing a color of tiles would affect you when entering the bathroom. This walk-in bathroom has a neutral tile with a sliding door, which is a great idea for a rather cramped space.

18. Fabulous with Marble

small bathroom with frameless shower

Marble tiles give a beautiful look though it is expensive. As in this picture, the walls look simply stunning with a neutral tone. Glass is just a great blend, that it even elevates the walls and leaves a sense of elegance.

19. Tiny bathroom with Subway Tiles

small bathroom shower enclosure options

Bathroom Ideas with Shower. For people who are not very fond of tiny spaces, this could be a big NO. It is indeed small that you might feel suffocated just by looking at it. However, it is a lovely and simple bathroom, after all.

20. Calm Atmosphere

bathroom ideas shower enclosure

Bathroom Ideas with Shower. An enclosure with a touch of calm from gray wall tiles will be a good place to submerge your body in the bathtub. You would not realize the passing time while in the bathtub, as it is comfortable.

21. Semi-Circular Cubical Shower

bathroom designs with double shower

If you are looking for a simple bathroom, consider this one. It is relatively small, thus suitable for a limited space. It fits only one person and saves some space just as you need.

You can weigh bathroom ideas with shower based on your needs and purposes. After that, think about the size, design, and cost you can afford.


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