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20 Appealing Bathroom Layout Ideas That Inspire

Are you looking for some bathroom layout ideas that work? Well, in this post, the ideas are not just working but also inspiring.

Taking a bath has to be the easiest way to relax your body after a busy day. Therefore, the homeowner must have the bathroom comfortable and appealing. Here are some of the best layout ideas you can explore.

1. Basement Bathroom Travertine Tile Design

long narrow bathroom layout ideas

The travertine tile in this bathroom layout ideas offers a warm cozy feeling that you can have during your bathing routine. It has got a minimalist vanity set with the sink that matches the bathtub. The black curtains complement the design of that vanity shelf.

2. Blue Wall and White Double Vanity

long bathroom layout ideas

This layout could be a simple renovation idea for your bathroom. You do not need many budgets to transform your bathroom layout ideas. You can just paint the entire wall with relaxing blue shade and the rest of the elements in white.

3. Spectacular Bathroom Layout for Kids

large bathroom layout ideas

Look how colorful this bathroom is. The owner has it designed for kids. This bathroom is both fun and simple to design. The colorful tile is the key to maintain the kiddy charm in this bathroom. Colorful artwork on the wall would add more character to the wall.

That shower curtain is the star in this bathroom layout. It has some cute colorful patterns that the kids would love.

4. Coastal Powder Room Layout

handicap bathroom layout ideas

This powder room design can be such an inspiration to design your bathroom. As you can see, this half-bath bathroom comes with an accent wall. That coastal style accent wall has already dominated the charm that this room has.

It has an extraordinary texture that gets more dramatic when shot by the lights.

5. Beautiful Wall Design for Bathroom

guest bathroom layout ideas

The soft texture on the wall would win everyone’s heart. The texture does not always have to be dominating or strong, keep it soft and simple, just like this one. The existence of the wall texture completes the comfortable layout.

6. Decorative Elements in Guest Bathroom

bathroom floor layout ideas

As you can see, the toilet is right in between the shower space and vanity. It has three floating shelves right above the toilet. A layout is friendly to a small bathroom. However so, the position of the toilet can be uncomfortable for some people.

7. Peebles Accent for Bathroom

full bathroom layout ideas

A natural type of bathroom tile would go straight to the mood of relaxation. This shower space has Peebles accent to the tile. That Peebles tile has a natural texture that causes the floor not slippery. The owner also provides the area with a mounted bench to complete the setup.

8. Wood Effect Bathroom Flooring

3 piece bathroom layout ideas

The tile with the wood effect is on the entire space of the bathroom. This small bathroom uses that brown wood color as the theme of the room. The accent comes from white bathroom fixtures.

9. Cool Shabby Chic Bathroom

bathroom layout plans ideas

Look at this majestic bathroom. It comes with a unique set of decor. The bathroom is just like a bathing space for a queen. The shabby chic style looks so beautiful. The interesting choice of theme could be something you are attracted to.

10. Scenic Large Shower Room Design

master bathroom layout ideas without tub

As you can see, the good-looking tile design fills this room. The natural grout gives a beautiful character to space. People also call this space a wet room, a room where everywhere can be wet.

11. Black and White Bathroom Layout

8 by 8 bathroom layout ideas

This small bathroom is placed in a house under 500 square feet. The amount of black color is more than the white one. It is an ideal way to keep the calmness in the right level of comfort. You should add a bright light fixture to maintain the brightness.

12. Comfortable Attic Bathroom Design

small family bathroom layout ideas

In designing such a bathroom, the designer should make every inch count. The designer has to be smart in deciding the size of the fixtures. As you can see, this bathroom is paced with a pedestal sink and built-in storage. That would save more space in a limited-space bathroom.

13. Cool Bathroom Layout Luxury

master bathroom layout ideas no tub

Look at the vanity in this luxurious bathroom. The length of the vanity seems like it is designed to be used by a group of people all at once. It is designed just for the homeowner. That one chair indicates the design purpose.

Those two chandeliers on the ceiling emphasize the luxury style of this bathroom. All marble covers on the entire space give an expensive look to space.

14. Upside View of Tiny Bathroom

rectangle bathroom layout ideas

A limited-space will not be an issue anymore when you know how to handle it. Like this astonishing tiny bathroom, everything is well fit in the space. You have a set of complete bathroom fixtures. It is a little bit crowded but you can still relaxingly enjoy your bath.

15. Modern Tile in Curtain-Free Bathroom

bathroom tile layout design ideas

This bathroom has a shower with no curtain. For some people, no curtain would be a problem. This narrow bathroom has already had the privacy it needs. You can just call it a half bath since it has no bathtub. However, you need this bathroom layout to save more space for the house.

16. Interesting Geometric Pattern in White-Washed Bathroom

small ensuite bathroom layout ideas

This bright bathroom has some brass faucet and plumbing system that offers a glamorous character. This kind of bathroom concept needs an element that can pop. Therefore, this patterned flooring jumps into the mix. Its geometric pattern is so interesting to match with the white surrounding.

17. Full Bath Layout with Repeated Pattern

new bathroom layout ideas

A bathroom has a neutral scheme that is interrupted by a mosaic tile pattern. The tile extends from the wall to the floor. This repeated pattern offers more interest to the bathroom standard design. It is a truly unique bathroom scheme.

18. Lime Green Wainscoting in White Bathroom

rectangular bathroom layout ideas

That energizing lime green element can be a wake-up call in your every morning. That wainscoting decides the style of this bathroom. The tropical indoor plants reflect the lime green wainscoting.

19. Futuristic Small Bathroom with Orange Twist

master bathroom design layout ideas

This small bathroom layout is a good idea to try. You can make use every inch of your small space. It has all the things you need. The unique position of the shower space decides where this bathroom goes. The walk-in shower is three levels above the bathroom.

20. Small Relaxing Bathroom with Bright Lights

medium bathroom layout ideas

Some people would enjoy taking a bath in bright daylight. This bathroom would be an ideal choice. The bathtub faces the window directly to the outdoor lights. There is also enough space to incorporate a walk-in shower separated by the glass wall.

According to the expert, bathroom layout ideas you choose for your space would decide the level of comfort. Therefore, you have to be sure about your choice of layout.

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