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20 Bathroom with Tub Ideas for Your Daily Relaxation

You need a bathroom with tub ideas to design a complete bathroom. People call having a bathtub in a bathroom as a full bath. There are many tub designs available in the market; they come with various styles, sizes, and shapes.

In this post, we are going to focus on how to design a full bathroom. The tub should be the focal point of the space. Here are some of the best ideas to explore.

1. Country Bathroom with Elevated Tub

small bathroom layout ideas with tub

For a wooden country bathroom like this one, the tub does not have to rustic too. This only element has a different style and color.

As you can see, the bathtub has an ordinary shape and material. The designer still has ideas to connect the tub with the bathroom design. It is got elevated with a pair of lumbers. The clean white color contrasts with the wood texture but the towel, robe, and sink are on the same path.

2. Corner Bathtub with Vintage Feel

tile ideas for small bathroom with tub

Having a bathtub right in the corner space could be a great way to save some space in the bathroom. A small tub like that is perfect if placed in the corner that has a window. The design of the tub has a stunning vintage feel.

The shiny gray color goes in line with the subway tile on the wall and a candle-style chandelier above.

3. White Washed Bathroom with Tub

ideas for small bathroom with tub

This small bathroom has everything you need. It has a toilet, vanity set, shower space, and of course a bathtub. The fancy design of the whole space represents the pureness of being clean. You do not need a lot of light from the window in this white bathroom.

The pattern on the flooring helps to dim the brightness of this bathroom. There is also a mini chandelier to the extent of the fanciness up to the ceiling.

4. White Marble Bathroom with Freestanding Tub

master bathroom with freestanding tub ideas

The marble material on the floor up to the wall brings this space to the next level of luxury. The crisp white with bright light from the window elevates the atmosphere. The fancy small bathtub becomes one with the marble flooring even though it is a freestanding one.

Shiny metal materials, which go straight to the unique chandelier up there, cover the faucet.

5. Square Bathtub with Blue Subway Tile

bathroom design ideas with clawfoot tub

As you can see, the square bathtub in this bathroom has a special space. It is just like a shower space. All the shower tools are there to support. This tub is designed to be doubled as both bathtub and shower.

This design makes all the plumbing system a lot simpler than others do. That blue subway tile is quite impressive. It has a nice gradation of blue shades. The tile is there to separate the space from the rest of the elements.

6. Luxurious Bathroom with Opulent Traditional Look

small master bathroom ideas with tub

In this bathroom, the designer creates space for relaxation by placing one wall of the shower area on the tub deck. It is going to be a great space to rest your body while soaking in soap water.

This fantastic bathroom features Calcutta gold marble, creamy painted cabinets, and warm lighting.

7. Shower and Tub Combo in a Bathroom

bathroom tub remodel cost

If you are having limited space in your full bathroom, combine the two elements. It would be a very helpful idea. It is great to have the tub and shower separated but when the situation is not supportive, combining the two elements is not bad at all.

8. Clawfoot Tub in Antique Bathroom

bathroom ideas with blue tub

A clawfoot is the right choice for an antique space like this one. This bathroom incorporates a minimalist concept. As you can see, the amount of furniture is minimal in this space. This room has an open feel, which is perfect to complete your bathtub joy.

9. Raised Bathtub in Small Bathroom

bathroom remodel tub or shower

The wooden flooring is one thing that would catch people’s attention. The natural brown of the flooring manages to blend well with the bathroom’s feel.

The bathtub flooring space in this bathroom is raised one level. It is done to emphasize the separation and make the tub more special.

10. Bathtub and Shower Space with Curtain

narrow bathroom ideas with tub

Another bathtub and shower space collaboration. It is quite popular among bathroom designs with limited space. It is a perfect concept for the apartment’s bathroom.

The curtain is a great privacy solution for your bathing space. It is also an affordable choice instead of a glass door.

11. Hammered-Nickel Tub for Glamorous Bathroom

bathroom ideas with pink tub

Check out that amazing solo tub. It needs no embellishment, already looks stunning just the way it is, and becomes the centerpiece of the bathroom. On the tub, a modern metallic finish contrasts with the traditional look of the bathroom.

12. Bathroom with Indulgent Shower and Tub

bathroom tub renovation ideas

This bathroom has a tub that is in line with the walk-in shower area. The shower space has a well-patterned marble floor tile up to the wall. The shower area has a complete set of tools to support the fantastic experience of showering.

13. Cottage Style Bathroom with Tub

bathroom ideas with copper tub

This cozy tub is placed inside a stylish cottage bathroom. The beaded-board gives a pleasing aesthetic to the atmosphere. This bathing nook becomes the cozy spot because of the placement and the surroundings.

14. Bathtub with Subway Tile Side

master bathroom ideas with jacuzzi tub

The subway tile becomes a great accent that completes this bathroom architecture. The neutral scheme really extent the beauty that this bathroom has already owned.

15. Vintage-style Tub on a Platform

basement bathroom ideas with tub

The tub brings a vintage vibe into this relaxing bathroom. There’s a special platform made for the tub. It is placed right in front of the window. Therefore, anyone could enjoy the beautiful view of the ocean while taking a bath.

16. Rustic Bathroom with Clawfoot Tub

bathroom remodel ideas with jacuzzi tub

The unique charm that a rustic bathroom has is quite powerful to balance the architecture of such rustic space.

17. Glamorous Bathroom with Traditional Twist

bathroom tub decor ideas

The oval shape of the freestanding tub becomes such a unique center for this luxurious bathroom. That curvy chandelier balances the pattern well.

18. Curtain Rod for Bathroom with Tub Ideas

bathroom tub deck ideas

The curtain rod in this bathroom is very useful to protect the surrounding from water spills while bathing.

19. Traditional Bathroom Design from The Past

bathroom shower tub design ideas

Want to go back to the past and experience a majestic bathroom experience, this idea is perfect.

20. Spa Inspired Bathroom with Bathtub

clawfoot tub bathroom ideas

The key to having a bathroom feels like a spa is to make it as relaxing and calming as possible. Make sure everything is complete.

When it comes to choosing a bathtub for your bathroom, it will not be so hard to decide. Just find the bathroom with tub ideas that fit your needs.


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