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Bathroom With Wallpaper Ideas That Will Elevate The Bathroom Look

Adorning the bathroom with accessories is a good idea. From installing a mirror, shelves, to wallpaper are some common ways people do. Some people would love to decorate their bathroom with wallpaper ideas.

Wallpapers are simple, easy to apply, and they are affordable. They would enhance the looks of the bathroom. You can try to opt for one that coordinates with the bathroom theme or style.

1. Clean the Surface

bathroom wallpaper decorating ideas

When applying wallpapers, you should make sure that the walls are clean. Get rid of any substance that would make them do not stick firmly. Wallpapers needed to be installed on a flat, clean surface.

2. Remove Nails and Screws

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There might be some nails or screws on walls. They are certainly to be pulled off. Remove them first. Therefore, there will not be any bubbles on it. It will also give you a nice result.

3. Oceanic Vibe

bathroom wallpaper easy

After following those steps, you can now decide which wallpaper you are going to use. This grayish wallpaper brings an oceanic to the bathroom. It feels even more alive when you include a picture of an ocean.

4. Kids-Friendly Paper

bathroom designs with wallpaper

The next step would be to measure and cut it. Be sure you do it with the correct size and cut. This bathroom has such a kid-friendly theme. Any kids would love this theme to be applied in their bathroom walls.

5. Use a Squeegee

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Apply it slowly and properly on the walls. Press it with gently with squeegee or wallpaper brush to get rid of air pockets, bubbles, or wrinkles. The, you can trim it any excessive part carefully.

6. Casual Look

bathroom wallpaper ceiling

Using wallpapers to decorate walls in the bathroom is a matter of choice. It is perhaps because it is easier and cheaper than paint. Besides, you can choose any patterns, graphics, or pictures that you like. You can get them in one piece of wallpaper.

7. Decorative Style

bathroom with damask wallpaper

This bathroom reflects a strong classic sense. It can be seen from decorative paper that reaches up to the ceiling. The wooden floor, bathroom cabinet, and mirror integrate well with decorative paper.

8. Floral Wallpaper

bathroom wallpaper dunelm

You are now looking at a beautiful wall with floral paper. The bathroom has an artistic value by applying this stunning paper, a combination of a white and beige tone.

9. Delicate Pattern

bathroom wallpaper design ideas

A blend of delicate patterns with white walls is here. You can see in the mirror a lovely pendant light, leaving an old-fashioned and elegant atmosphere. A white wall and a green door present you a fresh look.

10. Tribal Wallpaper

bathroom wallpaper diy

This wallpaper is similar to tribal ones. Tribal wallpapers have lots of pretty and complicated patterns and colors. They would make your bathroom looks exceptional. It is certainly an interesting decoration you should give it a go for the bathroom.

11. Wonderful Blue

bathroom wallpaper clearance

This is what a wonderful choice of color! The blue tone looks bold here. It covers the floor and wall as well. The bathroom features a couple of oval mirrors along with two washbasins.

12. Striking Octopus

bathroom with cloud wallpaper

With a gray hue and a school of octopus, this wallpaper leaves a mysterious look. The look will likely strangle you in a way that you find attractive. A circular mirror with its striking ornament blends in with the surroundings.

13. Tree Theme

bathroom wallpaper at sherwin williams

Some parts of the bathroom walls might be a little bit difficult to apply wallpaper. For example, a raised corner or surface. It can cause wallpaper to have bubbles or air pockets. Therefore, you need to be careful about that.

14. Enthralling View

bathroom wallpaper contemporary

You can describe the paper with your perspective. The abstract look in this bathroom is pleasing. It is like seeing an exceptional hand-made painted at the museum.

To some extent, it looks like a blend of coffee and milk to me. Some might say it looks like a galaxy on space. If you want something more, you can add some ornament if needed.

15. Pineapple on the Wall

how to wallpaper a bathroom with paste

There are endless wallpaper themes with so many patterns and colors you can choose. Fruits are also one of the many choices that are possible. For a fruit lover, pineapple can be a good idea. Of course, you can pick other fruit themes as well.

16. Stylish Look

bathroom wallpaper australia

What do you think about this bathroom? It is a stunning one for sure. With a small mirror and a floating washbasin, the bathroom looks so stylish. Moreover, the shell-like wallpaper is just adorable.

17. Be Bold in Red

bathroom wallpaper bunnings

A Victorian style with reddish wallpaper could be an option for decorating bathroom walls. The pattern matches with the mirror and pendant lights, giving a subtle touch of luxury.

18. Nature Ambiances

bathroom wallpaper adhesive

When you want the bathroom to have a fresh ambiance, you install wallpaper that has a natural picture such as trees or mountains. A blue sky can also be added on the list as well. This bathroom can be a good example of that.

19. Map Wallpaper

bathroom wallpaper at homebase

If you are bored with wallpaper that you see often on walls, this one might suit your taste. Map wallpapers would make your bathroom feels so special. Some people find small lines on maps are just impressive, no wonder map wallpaper exist.

You can choose map wallpaper on which your town or country is drawn to remind you about your origin if such wallpaper exists at stores. If you want a full view, you can put the mirror on another wall if necessary.

20. Blend in

bathroom wallpaper borders

This bathroom has a good concept. It can be shown by how the overall look is demonstrated. Almost every element in the bathroom has a similar tone mixed with the surroundings.

21. Peace and Calm Vibes

bathroom wallpaper at b&m

Bathroom with Wallpaper Ideas. Wallpaper is not only for decorating walls in the bathroom. It can also affect your mood to some degree. This wallpaper, for instance, shares peaceful and calm vibes. It also fits this monochromatic bathroom theme.

22. Improve the Appearance

bathroom wallpaper b&q

Bathroom with Wallpaper Ideas. Wallpaper can indeed improve bathroom decoration. It can cover something ugly on the wall that you do not want to see it. That is why adorning a bathroom with wallpaper is quite popular.

23. Simple and Fun Touch

bathroom wallpaper etsy

A certain color can represent one’s character and style. It is not there by chance. It is meant to please whoever picks it. With such a fun pattern, this wallpaper shares some energetic feeling and spreads it in the air.

I love the stuff under the washbasin. It has a neutral color and a funny shape. It brings contrast in the bathroom and becomes a good additional feature here.

Bathroom wallpaper ideas are a solution for bathroom walls beside painted walls. I hope this list can be a good reference for you when decorating your bathroom.


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