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20 Inspiring Custom Home Design Ideas

It is always great to dwell in a house that you have dreamt of. Instead of living in a ready-made house, try the inspiring custom home design ideas that will give you the ultimate comfort and style you have been longing for.

1. Custom Home Design and Build

custom home design builders

This cottage is a nice hideaway for you who want to get a respite from the hurly-burly of city life.

Just like many other cottages, it offers the rustic and traditional charm represented by the weathered wood paneling. It is rather small but cozy, which makes it perfect for your small family.

2. Custom Home Design and Drafting

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This house offers the charm of the Mediterranean style with stonewalls for the exterior that gives textural elements.

Metalwork on windows and doors accentuate the style nicely, not to mention the pergola that rounds out the porch. The pathway is also made of natural stone with beige hues that match the walls.

3. Custom Home Design Architects

If simplicity is your thing, this monochromatic house will suit your style immensely. The combination of black and white hues and geometric shapes makes this house look simple yet elegant. It is rather small but big in style.

4. Custom Home Design Checklist

Luxury and classic are what you can see here. Stone siding and large windows are parts of the Mediterranean style.

There is even a balcony bordered with a wrought-iron railing that pays tribute to the past, making you feel like in the drama scenes of Romeo and Juliet.

The vast swimming pool represents a little bit of touch of a contemporary look. The pool deck uses travertine with gray hues for a striking look. Besides, it withstands high temperature, which means you can walk on it with ease.

5. Custom Home Design Cost

Are you looking for a house on the cheap? Include this house into your wish list.

This house comes in contemporary style with a little bit of Mediterranean touch. The clean-lined edges are covered with gray stone tiles, making the house look lavish. Floor-to-ceiling glass windows allow natural light to come more into space.

6. Custom Home Design Ideas

This Victorian house is for those who are really into a classic look. Bricks decorate the exterior perfectly. Iron fence with sophisticated details emphasizes the classic look, not to mention the slate roofs that make the house look terrific.

7. Custom Home Design near Me

It is small yet elegant. Off-white walls and wood paneling highlight the elegance of this house. Moreover, the recessed lights illuminate the house without overwhelming it.

8. Custom Home Design Online

Arched doorways give it the look of a Mexican house. It features multilevel flat roofs, which allow you to cut down on more expenses. Besides, flat roofs are not fussy, which is good for a busy person who has no time to maintain the roof.

9. Custom Home Design Plans

This is what “less is more” is all about. It does not sweat over so-called curb appeal. However, it still provides its charm from the simple straight lines.

Instead of installing large windows, the homeowner has had some smaller ones installed to hold peeping Tom at bay while allowing the natural light to pass through.

10. Custom Home Design

This house is quite simple with brick walls and a slate roof. The doors are create by glass to optimize the natural light, which makes it a top-notch choice for a small home.

11. Semi-Outdoor Dining Room

This dining room can be setting to your backyard. It lends the concept of an outdoor dining room that allows you to enjoy delectable food while admiring the backyard landscaping.

A glass roof is install to maintain joy despite the weather. And one of the walls is made of glass to let you enjoy the scenery.

12. Sleek Interior

The sleek interior always brings in modern flair to space. The stair of this house is made of wood panels attached to the wall. Extra support is added under the stair for peace of mind. Instead of the railing, the stair is bordered with a clear glass panel.

13. Three-Story House

This house is meticulously designed to accommodate a big family. One of the balconies is made of wood paneling that offers a distinctive charm in this modern house.

Flat roofs are installed to emphasize simplicity. One of the rooftops can be used as a living or entertaining area where you can enjoy the scenery while relaxing.

14. Rustic House by the Lake

Rustic ambiance is clearly define in this house. Distressed wood flooring and ceiling have successfully brought the touch of the rustic look. Although this house does not have any chimney, an electric fireplace surrounded with natural stones does in a pinch.

15. Urban House Design

The combination of clean-line edges and stone tiles lends the luxury of an urban house style. The flat roof complements the minimalist design well. Large glass windows allow natural light to permeate the rooms more, making them airier.

16. Mediterranean Home Designs

Crisp white and curvy slate roof make this Mediterranean house look splendid. Five windows are setting in a row to better the exterior.

17. Small Modern House

Do not let limited space prevent you from getting your dream house. This house has proven that a small space is not a big deal.

With the clear-cut design and the charcoal finish, this house looks surprisingly great despite the small size.

18. White House

One of the most conspicuous things that you can find in the interior of this house is the floating stair. The steps are create by wood attaching to the wall, which makes them look as if they were floating. This style will be suitable for minimalism.

19. Scandinavian

This house features an open concept kitchen that eliminates the barriers between the kitchen and living room. This style is a great choice to make the most of the limited space. Moreover, the large windows make this idea better.

20. Japanese Minimalism

This house has taken Japanese home to the next level as it not only provides the Asian charm but also brings minimalism. To get this look, you can combine wooden walls and sliding doors with clear-cut furniture and fixture.

There is nothing wrong with getting a dream house. Moreover, these 20 custom home design ideas can be your inspirations to get the house that meets your needs.

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