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20 Best Floor Plans for Barndominium This Year

In the past few years, a barndominium has become a hot trend in homebuilding. Many homeowners start to search about floor plans for barndominium and other related things. However, what is a barndominium exactly?

In simple words, a barndominium refers to a building with a living quarter inside. It is well known as a low-maintenance and affordable house. Moreover, a barndominium also typically comes with some energy-efficient features.

If you are interested in building a barndominium, these following floor plan ideas could help you get started.

1. Two Bedrooms Barndominium

2 master bedroom barndominium floor plans

This barndominium floor plan features two bedrooms with a dining area in between. The open dining area situated in the corridor makes it easy for every member of the family to access it for a quick breakfast or intimate dinner.

2. Modern Barndominium with Open Floor Plan

3 bedroom barndominium floor plans with shop

This barndominium features a spacious open floor plan with a living room, dining area, and kitchen in one place. It has an abundance of seating options to accommodate a big family gathering at once. Meanwhile, the big windows allow natural light to come in more.

3. Barndominium with Area Division

barndominium floor plans with basement

If you do not know how to separate different areas properly in your open floor plan, this picture makes a perfect example. The owner defines each area with statement rugs, offering a sense of separated rooms with no walls.

This barndominium floor plan is ideal for those of you whose family members have different interests and activities within the house.

4. Barndominium Floor Plan with Simple Patio

barndominium floor plans 2 story

Your barndominium can have an outdoor patio too. This very simple patio uses slate stones that are cut randomly. Add compact outdoor furniture and you will get a favorite spot to enjoy the garden.

5. Two-Story Barndominium Floor Plan

floor plans for a barndominium

This two-story barndominium has a contemporary design with a minimalist color scheme. The dining room and kitchen are located on the second floor, while the first floor features an open playroom with a ping-pong table.

6. Barndominium Floor Plan with Loft

open floor plans for barndominium

If you are looking for a barndominium floor plan that comes with a loft, this picture may give some inspiration. The loft is employed as a kitchen and the room underneath could be used as storage space.

7. Three-Story Barndominium Floor Plan

open concept barndominium floor plans

A three-story barndominium would be great for anyone who can afford it. It will offer you plenty of room and space to be creative or work. This barndominium has a unique design with a country feel, making it a perfect sample here.

8. Barndominium with Exclusive Dining Space

4 bedroom 3 bath barndominium floor plans

The most interesting point about this barndominium floor plan is indeed the dining room. It is located in the middle of the building with panel glass walls. This way, you can enjoy the beauty surrounding the barndominium while eating.

It is such a luxurious and cozy barndominium for sure, promising an ultimate comfort for any homeowner. Yet, it must be very costly to build this barndominium.

9. Barndominium Floor Plan with Basement

3 bedroom 3 bath barndominium floor plans

Your barndominium can have a basement foundation as well. Connect the basement and the first floor with beautiful staircases as shown above. For the floor plan, you can make the basement area as storage space and the upper floor to accommodate more rooms that are functional.

10. Barndominium with Closed Living Room

2 bedroom 1 bath barndominium floor plans

Many barndominiums come with open floor plans, but this one has a closed living room inside. With sliding barn doors, the living room offers a perfect spot for watching TV or movies with other family members. Moreover, you will have some privacy when there are other family’s guests in the house.

11. Modern Barndominium with Patio Garden

barndominium floor plans with pictures

This barndominium plan has a functional patio garden. The patio is created spacious enough to accommodate a bench and other seating options. Some flowerpots with different sizes and shapes are also included in the layout.

12. Barndominium Plan with One Bedroom and Loft

40x60 barndominium floor plans with shop

If you need a reasonable floor plan for your barndominium, consider this simple layout. It features one bedroom, an open living area, and a loft. You can convert the loft area into a kitchen and build the bathroom integrated with the bedroom.

13. Large Barndominium with Open Living Space

barndominium floor plans 3 bedroom 2 bath

A large barndominium may call for a big budget, but it would turn out to be amazing for sure. Just like this large two-story barndominium that features spacious open living space. It promises extra comfort for a big family.

While the first floor is equipped with a variety of seating areas, the second floor features some bedrooms for the family.

14. Barndominium Plan with a Home Office

barndominium floor plans with cost

This barndominium floor plan features a joined kitchen and dining room. Meanwhile, there is a loft, which functions as a simple home office above the kitchen.

15. Perfect Barndominium Plan for Small Family

luxury barndominium floor plans

A barndominium consisting of two bedrooms and functional communal spaces like this is suitable for a small family with parents and a kid. You can build the bathroom at the end of the corridor for easy access.

16. Rustic Barndominium Floor Plan

barndominium floor plans north texas

This two-story barndominium is designed with all bedrooms located on the second floor. Meanwhile, the first floor is used for more communal practices like a kitchen and dining room. The exposed wood beams make this rustic barndominium look amazing.

17. Exposed Brick Barndominium Plan

popular barndominium floor plans

This barndominium emphasizes the exposed brick throughout the building. The floor plan is quite simple with an eating area and kitchen located side by side. Then, the attic could be used as a bedroom.

18. Barndominium Floor Plan for One Person

barndominium floor plans with mother in law suite

A barndominium with one bedroom is very popular among those who want to have an additional place to live. It could be a great place to go when you need quality time alone.

19. Barndominium with Farmhouse Appeal

best barndominium floor plans

Open floor plans work perfectly in this farmhouse-style barndominium. Here, the kitchen and living room are designed side by side with no separators. Then, the bedrooms are separated on the second floor.

20. Trouble-free Barndominium Floor Plan

barndominium floor plans 2 bedroom 2 bath

The homey feeling of this barndominium could make anyone fall in love with its design from the first glance. It features an open floor plan in the first story with a living room, kitchen, dining area, and guest space.

You should take those ten astonishing floor plans for barndominium into account. Please note that not all floor plans are suitable for everyone. Each plan would come with its pros and cons, so you should select it carefully. Good luck!


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