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23 Splendid Home Design American Ideas

Picking the right home is no picnic as you have your style and family to be pleased. Buying a ready-made home cannot be the best solution. What you need are splendid home design American ideas that add a personality boost.

1. African American Home Design

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This is a classic American house. A slate roof and chimney top the house that makes it look traditional. You can find old shutters on each window. Brick pathway and shrubs planted along the pathway will escort you to the doorstep.

2. American Design Gallery Home Plans

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Going vertical is the best option if you only have a little space. This house has a garage on the ground floor. Also, the front door is right above the garage so that you can save more ground space.

Stones found on the wall complement the garage door while adding a textural element.

3. American Home Design and Build

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Barndominium is on-trend in the US. People consider it durable and stylish. Moreover, this white barndominium has proven it. It features sliding barn doors, which typically found in barns, making it look exquisite in a distinctive way.

There are several things to consider before building a barndominium. Do consult an architect about them including the insulation.

4. American Home Design Furniture

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This house is rather small, but it is quite cozy. To make it more appealing, the owner paints wood paneling green. Trims are added on the window and door to add a cohesive look.

5. American Home Design Gallery

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The classic style is clearly defined from the sloping slate roof. The roof skirt makes a conspicuous accent to the exterior. The wall is painted the same color as the gravel, making them flow into one being.

6. American Home Design History

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Some people feel comfortable to dwell in a portable house since it can be moved anywhere they want. Besides, this one can be your inspiration.
This tiny portable house does not have a spacious porch, but the front door does in a pinch.

7. American Home Design Los Angeles

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The clean-lined edges make this house belong to the modern style. Wood paneling is arranged as the pathway that guides you to the front door. Instead of a lawn or a pool, stones are used to beef the front yard up, creating no-fuss curb appeal.

8. American Home Design Nashville

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This house is not designed for a shy person as it features floor-to-ceiling glass walls, which expose all the things inside the house, including your activity. However, that transparency makes this house look striking.

Everything in this house comes in unsophisticated design ─ no trims, no curvy edges ─ which accentuates the modern flair.

9. American Home Design Reviews

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This house is typically found in the suburbs. It is not big, yet it can still provide the coziness that you want. Crisp white trims accentuate the structure, windows, and roof of this house.

It does not have any front yards to please the eyes. Nevertheless, it has a short driveway that brings you to the garage and front door.

10. Home Design American Style

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Concrete and composite paneling that looks like wood makes this house possess the charm of industrial style. Frosted-glass panels are used as the railing of the stair that escorts you to the door. Moreover, the geometric shapes make this house look modern.

11. Home Design in Florida

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This house shows what the tropical flair is all. This two-story house features stone tiles on the posts, which match the pavers immensely. The doorway is flanked with palm trees, which highlight the tropical nuance.

12. Small House in the Countryside

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The housing in the countryside is typically serene and simple, just like this one. It is quite small which makes it a perfect choice to accommodate a small family. The paneling embodies a traditional American house design.

13. Square House in Florida

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This house is square, making it look conspicuous. It has an outdoor living area located right under the house, which gives it shade and extra protection from the glare of the sun and the hard rain.

The front door is located on the first floor. Therefore, the concrete stairway will lead the guests to it.

14. An Elevated House

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This house is suitable for those who live in a coastal area. Some poles are install to support and lift the house a few feet off the ground.

The minimalist design makes this house look modern. Also, the floor-to-ceiling glass walls allow you to enjoy the spectacular view in no time.

15. Pentagon House in Texas

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The pentagon balcony is so unique that can draw the eyes instantly. This house also has an in-ground pool, which packs a lot of fun.

16. Modern Farmhouse Style

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Large windows and tongue-and-groove paneling are the significant features of a farmhouse style. The large glass windows and the glass doors allow natural light to come more into the house.

17. Traditional House with Chimney

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This house features a chimney that makes it look traditional. Another traditional thing is the gable dormer roof, which is weather-resistant and inexpensive. The window shutters and door trims enhance the traditional charm.

18. Stay Classic in Arizona

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What makes this house look classic is the open gable roof. Bricks are install as the pathway that guides you to the door.

19. A Little bit Touch of Asian Style

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Asian style can also be found in some American home designs. This house mixes modern touch and Asian style, which is represent with the clean-lined edges and the stone lanterns.

20. Curvy House in Pennsylvania

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This house is a brilliant combination of traditional farmhouse and contemporary style. The most eye-catching thing is the curvy design that looks artistic.

21. Custom Home Design in North Carolina

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Contemporary style is seen from the simple design that avoids the use of fussy details. A small and cozy balcony can be used as a space where you can relax while slurping your coffee.

22. Gray Home in Minnesota

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This house looks elegant due to the gray finish. This house is quite simple without any sophisticated adornment. Its simplicity has made it look chic.

23. Natural Charm

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This house is construct from stones, wood, and concrete. The homeowner does not paint it. He lets its natural look amaze the eyes, instead.

Those are 23 splendid home design American ideas. So, which one is your favorite?


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