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22 Alluring Ideas for TV Stands

Relaxing and enjoying your favorite TV shows with your family is such a fun activity. Do not ruin this idea with an uncomfortable view and position. Check out these 22 alluring ideas for TV stands that will give you the best viewing angle.

1. Alternative Ideas for TV Stands

cool ideas for tv stands

Making a TV stand does not have to be arduous. This one has proven that a simple TV stand does work like a charm. Just stack up some bricks and boards for the shelving, adjust the size of the shelves as you need, and you are good to go.

2. Cool Ideas for TV Stands

good ideas for tv stands

This white TV stand matches the wall nicely, making them look united. Besides, it is easy to make. You only need old wooden pallets, some nails or screws, and a weekend to make it. Do not forget to paint it white or apply any finish as you pleased.

3. Creative Ideas for TV Stands

creative ideas for flat screen tv stands

This farmhouse TV stand is epic. It features sliding barn doors with an X on each of them, which accentuated the farmhouse style. The flat-screen TV is mounted on the wall. Two distressed shutters and table lamps epically anchor the TV.

4. Different Ideas for TV Stands

unique ideas for tv stands

This TV stand offers ample storage space. It has several shelves that you can use to host DVD players and your CDs behind its doors. The flat-screen TV is mounted and flanked by two table lamps.

5. Ideas for a TV Stand

creative ideas for a tv stand

This TV Stand is whitewashed to emphasize the charm of the farmhouse style. It consists of two shelves. The upper shelf is rather small which is perfect for your books, magazines, and CDs while the lower one is spacious enough to hold two baskets.

6. Ideas for TV Stand Decor

ideas for tv stands in bedroom

This is another brilliant idea to repurpose pallets. The pallets are arranged as the backdrop of the TV. It also features three mounted shelves to hold the TV and DVD players.

The table under the TV has two open shelves, which incorporate additional storage solutions. It also has casters that allow it to be move easily.

7. Ideas for TV Stands for Flat Screens

unique tv stands for flat screens

This TV stand offers you an abundance of storage space in the form of small drawers. It can help you hide small items that are prone to clutter away. Unfortunately, it cannot be your best bet when it comes to storing larger items.

8. Ideas for TV Stands in Bedroom

ideas for tv stands in living room

Farmhouse style is clearly stated from the sliding barn doors and the wrought-iron hardware. The cabinet doors feature chicken wire mesh that allows you to see what is being stored inside easily.

9. Ideas for TV Stands in Living Room

creative ideas for tv stands

This TV stand looks like a fireplace. Instead of an electric fireplace, three electric candles are placed under the TV. It is flank with two shelves that serve as storage space.

10. Unique Ideas for TV Stands

creative ideas for tv stands

Incorporating open shelves into your TV stand is a striking idea. By having open shelves, you can hold the clutter at bay while maintaining the style.

This TV stand, for example, has four baskets that help you eradicate clutter as well as adding textural elements.

11. Floating TV Stand

paint colors for tv stand

When it comes to small space, keeping the floor space clean is one of the best solutions. This TV stand is screwed to the wall, making it look as if it were floating. Since there is no leg, this TV stand helps you keep the floor space clean.

12. Rustic TV Stand

ideas for tv stands in bedroom

Bring in the charm of a rustic look to your living room with this TV stand. The X sides denote farmhouse style well. Wicker baskets help you hold the clutter at bay while accentuating the rustic style.

13. TV Stand with Shelves

ideas for tv stands in living room

This TV stand is simple yet functional. It is suitable for a small space as it is only a wooden panel with three shelves.

14. TV Stand with Hidden Storage

modern tv stand design ideas

The sleek design of this TV stand makes it the proper furniture to round out a contemporary living room. Another fabulous thing is it features hidden shelves behind the TV that serve ample storage space for books and CDs.

15. Mid-Century Modern TV Stand Ideas

ideas for a tv stand

The use of natural color tones featuring the peg legs embraces the charm of Mid-Century modern style. The flat-screen TV is attach to the wall for better viewing pleasure.

16. Corner TV Stand Ideas

alternative ideas for tv stands

If there is not enough space for a big bulky TV stand, just make use of one of the corners of your room. You can screw pallet or board to the walls in the corner, and mount your TV there. By doing this, you can save lots of space.

17. TV Stand from Wooden Crates

tv stand ideas for small spaces

This is the best solution for those who want to get a stylish and functional TV stand without costing them a fortune. This TV stand is made out of three wooden crates which are stacked up together to hold the TV and provide more storage.

18. Luxurious Modern TV Stand

ideas for tv stand decor

The sleek and glossy design makes this TV stand perfect for a modern home. The dark brown finish adds the touch of luxury to space. Even the hardware comes in gold finish to highlight the lavish look.

19. Pole TV Stand

ideas for tv stands in bedroom

This pole TV stand is fastidiously designed for those who are not really into sophisticated furniture. It is as simple as a TV, which is attach to a pole. The installation is not that easy, though. You will still need the assistance of an expert.

20. TV Stand on the Cheap

creative tv stand ideas gallery

Even an easel can be your inspiration to make a DIY TV stand. Just grab some board and screws to make this TV stand. It is simple and versatile as it can be placed anywhere, including the corner of your room.

21. Rotating TV Stand

tv stand design ideas

A rotating TV stand can make a great room divider. If you want to rotate the TV, you do not need to break a sweat just because you want to watch TV in another room.

22. Seamless TV Stand Ideas

ideas for corner tv cabinet

This TV stand has a cranny that is used to host the TV which makes the TV look flush with the panel. For peace of mind, install a TV wall-mount kit to the panel to hold the TV firmly.

Your TV deserves a chic TV stand for better viewing pleasure. Moreover, these ideas for TV stands will be your inspiration to get or make one that is suitable to your liking.

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