ways to decorate small bathrooms

25 Ideas to Decorate Small Bathroom Perfectly

Just a few ideas to decorate small bathroom could mean a lot for urban dwellers. Many of them do not have the luxury of a spacious bathroom nowadays, especially those who live in a studio apartment.

However, owning a limited space does not mean the end of the world. You can still maximize your bathroom space so that it can appear larger and more eye-catching. Check out these following inspirations to decorate your tiny bathroom.

1. Good Morning in a Frame

ways to decorate a small bathroom

Your bathroom often becomes the first destination after getting up from sleep. Print a greeting like this “Good morning, Gorgeous” on a paper and put it on a frame. Then, place it where you can easily notice the greeting in your bathroom.

2. Statement Wall and Floor

creative decorating ideas for bathrooms

Who says you cannot infuse dark color to your small bathroom? This picture shows how black color could make a great statement in a tiny bathroom. The checkered pattern on the floor and black wall accent make your eyes forget about how small the bathroom is.

3. Above the Door Storage

ideas for decorating small bathrooms with photos

You need to maximize every part of your small bathroom. So, instead of leaving space above the door unoccupied, install a floating rack to store your extra towels like this.

4. Attention-Grabbing Curtain

ways to decorate small bathroom

Incorporating a large window to let natural light come in more is a great idea in building a narrow bathroom. Complete the window with an eye-catching curtain to grab your attention away.

5. Attractive Patterned Floor

ways to decorate small bathrooms

This bathroom features patterned floor tiles and subway walls. The color palette is kept minimalist with black and white only. Here, you can see how impactful the use of patterns in the bathroom.

6. Decorative Bathmat

cheap ways to decorate a small bathroom

There are many ways to incorporate patterns into your small bathroom. If you are not brave enough to go with patterned floor tiles, get a rug or bathmat that comes with an interesting pattern.

7. Smart Storage Solution

ideas to decorate a small bathroom

Instead of a bulky cabinet, opt for open shelves that go vertically like this. This storage solution offers enough space to store extra towels and other necessities. To keep your bathroom essentials from dust and dirt, you can place them on a glass jar.

8. Eye-Catching Hand Towel

ideas to decorate towels for bathroom

Something as simple as a hand towel can make your tiny bathroom looks less boring. Get one with a beautiful motif like this to add a burst of color and pattern in the bathroom.

9. Decorative Sconce Lights

ideas to decorate a very small bathroom

Adequate lighting is highly important in any narrow bathroom. Make your extra illumination tool double as a decorative piece with this series of sconces.

10. Space-Saving Bathroom Sink

how to decorate small bathrooms

This bathroom sink comes with a very small footprint. As a result, you could have more space underneath the sink that gets rid of cramped feel.

11. Extra Storage above the Toilet

decorating ideas for small bathroom pinterest

Get a simple wire basket and use it to become additional storage in your bathroom. Simply put the basket on the toilet for storing extra tissues as shown above.

12. Beautiful Shower Curtain

decorating small bathroom ideas on a budget

Rather than installing a door to separate the bathtub and toilet area, use shower curtains that will not take so much space. Moreover, you can easily change the mood of your bathroom by simply swap the curtains later on.

13. DIY Floating Shelves

decorate bathroom ideas cheap

Floating shelves are a staple in a tiny bathroom. They do not take much space but could accommodate a variety of items. Install them above the toilet for displaying your favorite decorative pieces.

14. Floating Bathroom Vanity

decorating bathroom ideas pinterest

Your small bathroom also deserves a functional vanity, but you may need to opt for the floating type one. It can make your bathroom feels larger since the light can pass beneath the vanity.

15. Ornamental Mirror

decorating small bathroom ideas on a budget

Adding an ornamental mirror like this not only makes your bathroom looks beautiful but also helps create the illusion of larger space. Fit in sconces around the mirror for extra style and light.

16. Ideas to Decorate Small Bathroom: Stunning Walls

ideas for decorating a small bathroom pictures

While the other elements are in neutral white colors, this bathroom features an interesting wall design. It proves how wall coverings could give a powerful impact without requiring too much money.

17. White Bathroom with a Twist

how to decorate a small bathroom farmhouse style

This all-white bathroom has a patterned tile floor that adds interest and style. It also features a wall-mounted toilet that provides more floor space and makes the overall room seems bigger.

18. Ideas to Decorate Small Bathroom: DIY Ladder Storage

e decorating a small bathroom youtube

In a small bathroom, you will want to bring furniture that takes as little floor space as possible. This DIY ladder storage suits the idea perfectly. It offers an additional storage solution for your bathroom essentials without taking too much floor space.

19. Adorable Bathroom with Pink Vanity

small apartment bathroom decorating ideas on a budget

The combination of soft pink vanity and gold fixtures has made this tiny bathroom looks super adorable. Not to mention the granite vanity top that complements the rest of the interior flawlessly.

20. Lively Bathroom with Blue Walls

decorating a small bathroom without window

There is nothing wrong about going vibrant in your tiny bathroom. A tiny bathroom could appear livelier with bright or vibrant paint. This bathroom makes a good example with its electric blue walls.

21. Elegant Black Vessel Sink

how to decorate my small apartment bathroom

A black vessel sink sits around the mostly white scheme in this bathroom, offering an interesting contrast throughout the interior. The bathroom also features unique wood shelves that double as a vanity.

22. Bathroom with Nature Hints

decorate a small bathroom with no window

Decorating with indoor plants has been a great approach to bring nature to your interior design. This bathroom is decorated with this method so that it looks bright and fresh.

23. Hexagonal Wall Decor

decorate a small bathroom on a budget

A series of hexagonal wall decor in this bathroom has added style and texture. Aside from this wall décor, everything is kept minimalist to avoid a sense of overcrowded.

24. Antique Light

decorating small windowless bathroom

This cottage-style bathroom features an antique light that deserves to be the focal point. There is also a recessed wall shelf used for storing toilet papers.

25. High Impact Wallpaper

decorating a small bathroom with no window

This big and bold floral wallpaper gives off the ‘wow’ factor you need for a tiny bathroom. To complete the dramatic view, brass accents are applied to some fixtures.

Those are 25 ideas to decorate small bathroom. Not all the decoration ideas above will suit your needs, so you should choose one that works best in your bathroom. Happy decorating!


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