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A Collection of Distinctive Mirror for Bathroom Ideas

You cannot separate crucial parts, like mirrors, when it comes to decorating a bathroom. They are essential for completing and improving the overall bathroom look. Mirror for bathroom ideas can go from simple to unique styles.

There are a plethora of choices for this matter. The bathroom will appear incomplete without mirrors for sure. However, do not just pick a random mirror and hang it there, as it will likely destroy the current appearance.

1. Go with a Couple of Mirrors

mirror bathroom bunnings

You cannot go wrong by choosing a couple of mirrors. The spacious wall seems to allow them, too, as it is spacious. The frame also perfectly integrates the surroundings. A beautiful white flower in the middle certainly increases harmony.

2. Double in Function

mirror bathroom accessories

This mirror box is an example of how creative a person can be. He realizes that storage is important. At the same time, he wants to keep the bathroom simple and tidy. Therefore, he creates storage with a door as well as a mirror.

3. Sliding Mirror

mirror for commercial bathroom

This mirror notion is just different from the way you present it. It has a sliding style with a rectangular shape. You can swipe the mirror left or right. Behind the mirror are wooden shelves.

They can work as additional storage if needed. They are fairly deep and long. It means you can store many things you would typically use in the bathroom.

4. Be Minimalist

mirror doors for bathroom cabinet

People do not always examine great things based on how big they are. It is more about how functional they are. This mirror idea gives a minimalist sense. It suits well with tiny space.

5. Unique Frame

mirror bathroom cabinet with light

Any shapes such as square, rectangular, or circle are common. To make an ordinary shape becomes special, you can decorate or make a frame just like in this picture. The distinctive frame involves rope as its border. It looks adorable.

Next to the mirror is a rack. The rack also has a unique design. You can try to create the same frame idea. Use different materials if you want to have a different result.

6. Install Pendant Lights

mirror for bathroom with shelf

Another crucial part of decorating a bathroom would be the lighting. With the right setting, the bathroom will have sufficient lighting: not too bright or dim either. It will be annoying if it becomes dazzling when you reflect on the mirror.

7. Enormous Mirror

mirror for bathroom door

Instead of installing two mirrors for the bathroom, you can have a large one. This one fits from wall to wall. The frame has the same color as the bathroom cabinet. Some beautiful lights, set right over the mirror, complete the bathroom.

8. Add a Divider Rack

mirror for bathroom at home depot

The white vanity has two sinks, two mirrors, and two sets of lights. There is also a rack between the mirrors. It may be small, but it works as a divider for the mirrors. The wall has a soft tone, a good combination with white.

9. Adjust It Right

mirror for bathroom near me

You should not forget to adjust the mirror at the right height. It can cause a problem if the mirror is not that big, and other family members find it too high. They would not see their faces clearly if they are not tall enough.

10. Set It Vertically

size of mirror for bathroom

Setting a mirror can be either vertical or horizontal. A horizontal setting can give a wide range of cover. On the other hand, a vertical one fits to show you half of your body. With its slim size, the mirror gives a soft touch of minimalism.

11. Beautiful Shape

mirror for bathroom home depot

The terracotta wall becomes a lovely background for these mirrors. The mirrors have a pretty shape on top. There is also a stool under the washbasin. A graphic pattern and a gray tone blend well with the white wall.

12. Lots of Mirrors

mirror for bathroom b&q

When one or two mirror ideas are not enough, go all out with showing your mirror collection here. As seen in the picture, you can arrange mirrors to adorn the bathroom.

13. Antique Look

mirror bathroom black

These mirrors with dark frames bring an antique look. It is just mesmerizing to watch them on the wall. Pair them perfectly with some souvenir on the vanity.

14. Nice Shape

mirror for caravan bathroom

A mirror’s shape can affect creating a beautiful view. This mirror might be small, but it has a cool shape. The stainless steel frame follows the exact shape of the mirror.

15. Twin Mirrors

mirror bathroom cabinet with shaver socket

It seems that double mirrors are quite popular. It is probably because they make good decoration in the bathroom. They are identical in size, shape, and even the frame. A white wall is the right decision, as the mirrors reflect it beautifully.

16. Go Frameless

mirror bathroom big

To show a mirror genuine form, you can go with a frameless one like this. It looks appealing and is an alternative for the bathroom mirror idea. You can set it above the shelf or just as in this picture. Adding some greenery would be perfect.

17. Wall-To-Wall Mirror

where to buy a mirror for bathroom

A huge mirror can make the bathroom looks larger. With a wall-to-wall size, you do not need to put some accessories on the wall. You do not have to bother yourself to think about giving a frame, either.

18. Enormous Frame

best mirror for a bathroom

There are no rules for choosing a mirror idea for the bathroom. This mirror is not the same as the previous one. It may be the opposite since a big and sturdy wooden frame wraps it.

19. Box Frame

mirror box bathroom

Mirror for bathroom ideas. Show your creativity by creating a box for the bathroom mirror. The box can be out of metal or wood, depends on your taste. The box can be some storage to keep bathroom stuff. It is a worth-trying idea.

20. Hexagonal Shape

framing a mirror for bathroom

This pinkish bathroom cabinet spreads a sweet vibe in the bathroom. It matches with subway tile wall. The hexagonal mirror makes it unique compared to other mirror shapes, such as rectangular and square.

21. Giant Mirror with Frame

mirror for bathroom vanity lowes

Mirror for bathroom ideas. A couple of mirrors and some decorations can make a good combination. That is what makes them look attractive on the wall.

Nevertheless, a giant mirror equals to two mirrors. It may take some space, but you can be satisfied with its wide surface and appearance.

22. Balance the Look

images of mirror for bathroom

A small mirror would fit a compact space. It would look not balanced if you insist to install a big one unless you have a good concept. This bathroom shows a tiny bathroom with small decoration too.

It does not reduce the beauty of the bathroom. It is a good example of how to conduct a good plan properly.

From these pictures, you should not be afraid of having a mirror for bathroom ideas. You can adopt and apply one of these notions in your bathroom.


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