patio with pavers ideas

Patio Idea with Pavers to Complete Your Outdoor

Your simple backyard will turn out amazing with a paver patio. Luckily, you have a selection of patio idea with pavers to get started.

Compared to other materials, people consider pavers more dependable for patio bases. Besides, they are very practical instruments for your landscape design.

From creating an eye-catching pattern to a functional pathway, pavers are just completely versatile for your patio. Check out these following patio paver ideas and get inspired!

1. Eye-Catching Paver and Brick Patio

patio with pavers ideas

Concrete pavers, combined with red bricks, offer an attention-grabbing patio in your backyard. The red bricks fill the gap between each paver while creating a pattern.

2. Neatly Arranged Brick Pavers

diy patio ideas with pavers

Terracotta and black brick pavers are in a neat arrangement in this patio. The inner part is in a herringbone pattern. Meanwhile, the horizontally arranged black pavers used in the outer part create a uniform edge.

3. Randomly Arranged Paver Patio

patio design ideas with pavers

This patio combines concrete pavers in different sizes and shapes to create an interesting random pattern. While the main part of the patio uses light-colored pavers, the darker-pavers-designed edge is for a contrasting appeal.

4. Paver Patio with Rustic Appeal

patio plans with pavers

This paver patio matches the rustic flair brought by the natural stonewalls. It hints shabby personality that complements the overall exterior perfectly. The outdoor furniture added to the patio area gives off that antique, rustic charm too.

5. Upcycled Concrete Pavers

patio ideas with pavers and gravel

Any types of pavers are supposed to be durable, yet they are still breakable in some points. Gather those broken pavers and arrange them into a unique patio like this.

You just need to fit them randomly on concrete bases. Then, border the patio with square pavers as shown in the picture.

6. Colorful Paver Patio and Walkway

patio with pavers ideas

The choice of material is highly crucial when designing a patio paver. Integrating square and rectangular brick pavers in a different shade of colors, this patio paver looks attractive in between the lawn and flowerbed.

7. Well-Equipped Paver Patio

patio design ideas with pavers

This cozy backyard patio is set on an arrangement of cobblestone and brick pavers. The light-colored pavers used in this patio introduce a calm and stunning mood to the overall design. Equipped with pergolas, this backyard patio can be a favorite spot to unwind.

8. Paver Patio with Black Gravel

patio plans with pavers

These stone pavers are spaced apart with black pea gravel, creating a fascinating backyard patio. The consistently arranged pavers achieve a neat and clean look.

9. Patio with Simple Paving Details

patio designs using pavers

For those who find beauty in simplicity, this paver patio should become a true inspiration. It comes with simple, everlasting paving details. With bluestone pavers, this backyard patio provides neutral bases for the black furniture used throughout the area.

10. Cozy Patio with Grass Interlocking Pavers

patio designs brick pavers

If you want to keep the natural look of your garden, go with grass interlocking pavers like shown above. The grass that grows in between the pavers finishes the simple grid pattern perfectly.

11. Shades of Brown Paver Patio

patio designs with concrete pavers

This idea is full of brown shades. From the darkest to the lightest shades of brown are available in the design. The border is made of the darker shades of brown to make it diffuse well with the soil.

12. Warm and Comfortable Patio with Pergolas

paver patio ideas with pergola

This warm and comfortable backyard patio features smartly arranged concrete pavers. Along with the furniture, planters, and pergolas, this patio offers a comfortable area to spend your summer days and nights.

13. Modern Patio with Simple Concrete Pavers

patio ideas with pavers and gravel

The pavers applied in this backyard patio are uniformly arranged concrete squares. They are for a modern appearance on a bed of light-colored pea gravel. The designer then connects the paver patio to the wooden deck where the furniture is.

14. Paver Patio with Gravel Edge

patio designs with pavers photos

The exceptional shape of this paver patio and walkway is created using stone pavers. Nevertheless, what makes this idea attractive is the decorative river gravel used along the edge.

15. Interconnected Paver Patio and Pool

patio designs using pavers

Get rid of your usual pool surround and chance it into this paver patio. It is capable to give off a sleek, trendy statement without being a dangerous place to step.

Besides, you can easily equip it with outdoor chairs and a side table. Then, you can sit while getting relaxed in the poolside. Consider designing a paver walkway as well, that leads the pool to another outdoor area.

16. Elevated Patio Paver

diy patio ideas with pavers

This elevated paver patio features everything you need to chill out right outside your home. It features square cobblestone pavers in the upper part. Meanwhile, the lower part of the patio utilizes randomly cut slate stones.

17. Paver Patio with Natural Beauty

patio designs with pavers

Many homeowners love to use natural stone because they are just aesthetically pleasing. Their natural texture and color varieties can add innate beauty to your exterior. Simply include one or two planters in your patio design for an increased natural look.

18. Stunning Paver Patio in Small Space

patio with pavers and fire pit

Small space should not limit your chance to create a stunning backyard patio. Despite the narrow space, this backyard patio looks functional and attractive with concrete pavers. Add a dining set and a portable fire pit to complete the patio.

19. Exclusive Paver Patio in a Lush Garden

paver patio ideas with pergola

If you want to go for something different from usual, this patio idea must attract your interest. It features a checkered pattern and a matchless shape. This is perfect to add a statement in your lush garden.

20. All-inclusive Paver Patio

patio designs with pavers photos

A mix of grey and terracotta offers an exciting look for sure. The grey pavers are designed to look like a walkway. This idea is perfect if you are looking for a nice way to cover the whole soil in your backyard.

21. Roman Clay Paver Patio

patio with pavers

This is another fun way to play with pattern in your backyard patio. This patio features two-toned roman clay pavers that give a burst of color among the green lawn.

22. Circular Paver Patio

patio designs with grass and pavers

This circular paver patio takes advantage of square stone pavers. To make it more interesting, the pavers come in two different colors.

That is all the list of 20+ ideas to create a patio paver in your backyard or garden. Now, you can choose your favorite patio idea with pavers from the list above. Good luck!


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