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24 Relaxing Round Pools with Decks

Swimming can help you blow off steam. However, if you do not feel like swimming, just lounge on the pool deck to release stress. Check out these 24 relaxing round pools with decks.

1. Pictures of Round above Ground Pools with Decks around Them

27 round pool deck plans

Having a spacious pool deck means having more fun. This spacious deck can accommodate more people. It means you can throw a pool party and have a ball with your friends.

2. Round above Ground Pools with Decks

30' round pool deck plans

Making an above ground pool with a deck does not have to burn a hole in your pocket. You can even make it from pallet wood. You can stain, paint, or just leave it that way to boost the rustic look. Always remember to install a railing for the ultimate safety.

3. Round Above-Ground Pools

18' round pool deck plans

If you love the natural look of the green lawn, you can grow grass around your either in-ground or aboveground pool. The grass will soothe your bare feet nicely.

Nevertheless, if you happen to live in a region that is prone to drought, synthetic grass will do in a pinch.

4. Round Aluminum Pools

33 round pool deck plans

This multilevel deck allows you to put some chairs and relax under a patio umbrella while your kids play with the water.

It provides natural charm, which is got from the wood grain. If you are worried about the weather issues, opt for synthetic decking instead.

5. Round Pool Deck Pictures

round pool deck framing

Natural stone covers an aboveground pool in the picture that makes it look epic. The pool deck is also made of stone, which bordered with pavers to define its shape. Since it is made of stone, it is slip-resistant due to the natural texture.

6. Round Pool Deck Plans Free

above ground pools with decks installed

This indoor pool looks lavish with several round Chinese lanterns hanging above it. White tiles with white grout construct the pool deck for a seamless look, making it look smooth and modern.

7. Round Pool Decks Plans

above ground pools with decks for sale

Concrete pool deck surrounds this round swimming pool. Since it is made of concrete, it is easy to maintain and can soothe your bare feet well. Besides, it will not be too warm although the temperature is relatively high.

8. Round Rock Pools and Splash Pads

above ground pools with decks cost

The combination of stone and grass makes this round pool fascinating. The green grass replaces the function of grout, defining each stone tile well. Two armchairs are added to allow you to sit back and relax.

9. Round Swimming Pool Deck Plans

above ground pools with decks pictures

This pool deck looks good in merlot finish. The railing gives the touch of traditional charm. White gravel spreads among the pathway, making the deck look more exquisite.

10. Round Swimming Pool above Ground

above ground pools with decks

A wooden deck made of pallet surrounds this round aluminum aboveground pool. Built-in benches act as the railing as well as offering ample space for you to lounge. Top those with cushions and you will get comfortable deck where you can linger.

11. Stone-Tile Pool Deck

33 round pool deck plans

Beige hues decorate the pool deck nicely, making it look elegant. It also features a marble-like pattern that never fails to bring in luxury to any SD space. Since they are not the real marble tiles, they are not too slippery. You still need to be careful, though.

12. Curvy Round Pool

rectangular above ground pools with decks

This curvy round pool is bordered with concrete which prevents you from slipping. The lawn adds a spectacular view to the pool as well as soothing your feet well.

13. Round Pool with Lattice Work

24 round pool deck plans

If your pool deck is rather stark due to the lack of pattern, try installing latticework as the railing. Will it not only prevent your kids from being injured but also make the deck look more appealing.

14. Pool on another Pool

best above ground pools with decks

Rough stones cover the round pool in the picture that gives an extravagant look. Under the pool is another bigger pool that prevents the spill and splash from making such a mess.

15. Round Pool with Composite Decking

27 round pool deck plans

Composite decking gives the touch of a natural look to this round pool. Since it is made of synthetic wood, you do not need to worry about the maintenance and any splinter.

16. A Pool for a Party

in ground pools with decks

This is the top-notch place to throw a party. The spacious deck features an outdoor bar and even a fireplace. The border of the pool matches the stone wall immensely.

17. Small Tropical Pool

oval above ground pools with decks

You do not have to go to Florida or Hawaii to enjoy the tropical flair. You can even create one in your backyard by making a small round in-ground pool surrounded with stone tiles and lawn. Do not forget some palm trees to enhance the style.

18. Holiday Retreat

round pool deck plans free

Two statues flank this round pool that looks as if they welcomed you. A hammock is available next to the pool in case you just want to enjoy a sunny day.

19. Pavers Deck around the Pool

round pool deck pictures

The good things about pavers are they are usually inexpensive and easy to install. Therefore, they are quite popular when it comes to pool decking. Besides, you will be able to replace them easily when they are damaged.

20. Textural Pool Deck

pictures of round above ground pools with decks around them

This pool deck is made of stone that adds a textural element, alleviating the risk of slipping. More importantly, it will not burn your feet.

21. Large Round Pool with Slide

round above ground pools with decks

The composite pool deck has always been a great choice if you love the natural look but fathom the fussy maintenance. Another wonderful thing about this pool is it features a white slide that matches the railing.

22. Wooden Pool Deck with Pallet Fencing

round pool decks plans

One of the reasons for installing a fence around the pool is to keep your kids’ safety. Another reason is to prevent your inquisitive neighbors from peeping you.

23. A Round Pool by the Beach

above ground pools with decks near me

The dark hues of wood paneling create an elegant look simply. This pool deck does not feature any railing as it is not a few feet off the ground. Besides, the absence of railing allows you to see the beach.

24. Pool Deck for Kids

21' round pool deck plans

A swimming pool is a kind of paradise for kids. You can make your kids beam with a smile by adding a slide that adds more fun to the pool.

Round pools with decks are a mind-blowing add-on that you can install in your backyard. Whether you want to refresh your body or just lounge on the deck, it is always the go-to recreational place for you and your family.


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