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23 Best Choices of Slate Flooring For Kitchen

Having slate flooring for kitchen would decide the durability of the space. Slate is a natural stone flooring that comes from a metamorphic rock. This type of flooring can bring unique and powerful beauty to your kitchen’s lower space.

Slate flooring has many advantages besides its durability. However, the installation would be difficult and you need to spend a fortune on that. Well, the price reflects the quality. Let us look at some kitchen designs that have slate flooring.

1. Western Slate Flooring Style for Kitchen

slate floor cream kitchen

This is one of the products from Congoleum. It is called the AirStep Plus Western Slate Sundance SKU. That subtle color looks so interesting for your open kitchen.

2. Soapstone Kitchen Counter with Backsplash

slate floor white kitchen

The natural stone that is used in this kitchen is installed as the countertop. It is another option to use slate material in the kitchen.

3. Luxury Gray Slate Flooring

slate floor kitchen pictures

You can have one of the best gray slate floorings in your kitchen. The natural pattern offers some unique look that accentuates the kitchen’s atmosphere.

4. Slate Flooring in Large Open Kitchen

slate floor kitchen ideas

This large kitchen space is located in the middle of an open room. Therefore, the slate flooring would be shared all over the room. That creates the feeling of a great connection between the rooms. That large tile of flooring is perfect for such a large room.

5. Slate Flooring for Yellow Kitchen

slate floor tiles in kitchen

Check out the yellowish cabinetry in this kitchen. It brings out the energy of the kitchen. Because the cabinetry is already in a bright color, the slate needs to be a little bit dark.

6. Contemporary Kitchen with Patterned Slate Floor

slate floor in kitchen

That light brown scheme has a unique charm that all come from the slate flooring. Even though the pattern is quite full, it is still looking comfortable since all the things are balanced in this space.

7. Slate Laminate Flooring with Stainless Cabinet

slate floor cream kitchen

This monochromatic kitchen is quite successful in bringing the fancy vibe to the air. The slate flooring sits as the matching base that connects the silver, white, and black element.

8. Natural Gray Slate Floor for White Kitchen

slate floor in kitchen pictures

The main scheme of this kitchen is white. To keep the white color that one in charge, the other elements like the flooring need to have a calming or soft charm.

9. Rustic Slate Flooring

slate floor kitchen ideas

Combining this kind of flooring with brick walls and reclaimed wood is just the way it should be. That would be a rustic kitchen in an extreme level.

10. Slate Flooring in the Kitchen after Cleaning

slate for a kitchen floor

Slate-flooring material is not high in maintenance. You can clean it regularly and have a brand new look for your kitchen.

11. Rustic Slate Flooring for Rustic Kitchen

slate floor kitchen pros cons

Most slate floorings have a texture that will blend well with rustic style. The slate flooring in this kitchen gives the essence of natural stone. Incorporating such an element in a kitchen would be extreme. If you are just in love with a rustic style, there you go.

12. Traditional Farmhouse Rustic Kitchen

using slate for kitchen floor

The slate flooring has different shades with the rest of the kitchen elements. It is designed to be that way to emphasize the farmhouse charm. This traditional kitchen is also called as the French farmhouse kitchen.

13. Luxurious Slate Flooring for Kitchen

slate floor white kitchen

If rustic is not your style, slate flooring is quite flexible. You can also incorporate this kind of flooring to a more modern kitchen. As you can see, the slate floor blends well with all the fancy surroundings. The natural stone gives a big character to the kitchen.

14. Elegant Mid-Century Kitchen with Slate Flooring

slate floor tiles kitchen

This large mid-century galley kitchen has a double-bowl sink, stainless steel appliances, a calm wooden cabinet, and a stone accent wall.

15. Stylish Country Kitchen with Slate Floors

slate floor kitchen pictures

This simple shaker kitchen is designed by deVol Kitchens. It is located in the countryside of Leicestershire. Although so, the interiors almost felt like in rural France. It has a minimal layout concept. It just consists of 8-Shaker base cupboards.

The gray slate flooring complements the bold wooden color of the furniture. That gives the country charm more chances to impress.

16. Slate Floor with Ashlar Pattern

slate floor tiles for kitchen

Look at the pattern of the slate flooring in this kitchen. It would draw some great character to the whole kitchen. This traditional kitchen is a great example of a large classic u-shaped cooking space.

17. Stained Cherry Cabinet with Matching Slate Floor

slate floor kitchen white cabinets

If you want to have a classic and elegant design of a kitchen, you can make a matching combo like this one. Look at how the natural slate flooring blends with the bold cherry wood color of the cabinet.

18. Elegant Slate Flooring for Kitchen

grey slate floor for kitchen

A neutral scheme for a kitchen is the safest choice you can have. That slate gray floor has a large size of the tile. It gives the illusion of space to the floor, which means the kitchen would be looking more spacious. The slate flooring also sets the base character for the entire cooking space.

19. Slate Flooring That Goes with Teal Cabinet

slate floor tiles for kitchen

The teal color of the cabinet seems to be the highlight that the designer has tried to deliver. It gets even better with that dark slate floor as the base. The glass door and window makes the kitchen feel more inviting. That is why incorporating indoor plants on the countertop is a great move.

20. Slate Floor in Chic French Kitchen

slate floor tiles in kitchen

In this chic kitchen, those copper pots and pans are so eye-catching. Those are the main attraction of this French-style kitchen. However, that slate floor also has an impressive charm to dominate the atmosphere from down there. It pops even more since most elements are painted white.

21. Natural Stone Flooring in Cottage Kitchen

slate floor farmhouse kitchen

Do you want to have a kitchen design that goes close to nature? Try having this lake cottage kitchen as an inspiration. This kind of floor is so special. You cannot get such beautiful texture from artificial material.

22. Cherry Cabinets for Elegant Kitchen

using slate for kitchen floor

Pairing cherry cabinetry with slate flooring is an elegant way to design a kitchen. That classic charm from the shiny cherry wood dominates the whole charm of the cooking space.

Therefore, you do not need an eye-catching pattern for the slate floor. Just keep the slate floor soft and pale to pop the cherry.

23. Mid Century Farmhouse Kitchen with Hexagonal Slate Flooring

slate floor in kitchen

That hexagonal tile on the floor space is quite catching. It has a slightly rustic texture that complements the farmhouse beauty of this kitchen. The hexagonal shape offers a unique character that blends with the style.

This natural stone flooring is one of the favorite materials. It has beautiful natural texture, a blend of vibrant hues, stain proof, and super durability. That is all the reason why people like to have slate flooring for kitchen, bathroom, and other rooms in the house.


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