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23 Small Bathroom Shower Ideas for Your Home

The concern of any small bathroom owner is mostly similar: how to make this tiny room looks amazing despite the lack of space. Luckily, you can start it easily by exploring some small bathroom shower ideas on this page.

The shower itself is one of the most crucial elements in a bathroom. It is even safe to say that the shower could be the central point of any bathroom.
For this reason, the following list is discussed some of the best shower ideas, particularly for a tiny bathroom.

1. Straightforward Glass Screen

small bathroom tub and shower ideas

Fitting in a shower in small bathrooms seems overwhelming sometimes. If you cannot afford a full-frame shower door, simply install a glass screen like this to avoid water splashes.

2. Full-Length Shower Screen

small bathroom ideas corner shower only

If you want to keep water splashes completely in place, this full shower screen makes a perfect option. Its glass material makes it ideal for a tiny bathroom. Its bright color scheme helps the room feel more spacious as well.

3. Luxurious Shower Room

small bathroom ideas shower and tub

This grand bathroom features both a bathtub and a shower in one place. The designer uses ivory brown granite tiles to design the shower area, adding a warm and cozy touch to the overall interior. It is also equipped with a full shower screen to prevent water from splashing all around the room.

4. Grey Shower Room with Industrial Flair

small master bathroom ideas shower only

This grey shower room is overflowing with elegance. The stamped concrete wall adds interest among the plain interior. The black fixtures and its simplicity hint an industrial style in this bathroom.

5. Shower and Bathtub in Union

small bathroom ideas with bath and shower

Not only the shower area, but this bathroom also has its bathtub inside the screen. So, you can easily move from the bathtub to shower without being afraid of making the floor wet.

While marble tiles completely cover the shower area, the rest of the bathroom features concrete walls and wood floors.

6. Black and White Bathroom

small bathroom design shower sink toilet

Different from the previous idea, this bathroom utilizes identical flooring all over the room. Only a fixed glass screen separates the shower and the vanity area.

Floating vanity and vessel sinks used in this bathroom provide more floor space. There is no busy décor as well.

7. Frameless Glass Shower Screen

small bathroom doorless shower

The frameless glass shower screen is ideal for a small bathroom since it does not visually block space. Moreover, the glass promotes a sense of airiness. The shower area features recessed wall shelves for easy access to your bathroom essentials.

8. A Barrier-Free Shower

small bathroom shower designs pictures

This shower area does not have any screen or door. However, the designer constructs it with an elevated border to keep water flowing inside the shower area only. The bathroom also features space-saving wall-mounted vanity and a selection of lighting types.

9. Small Bathroom Shower Ideas: Doorless Shower

small bathroom with shower only remodel ideas

If you prefer some privacy in the shower, consider designing a half-wall divider as shown in this bathroom. A half-height wall that comes without a door separates the shower area. This design allows you to share the bathroom with others when needed.

10. All-white Attic Bathroom

small bathroom tub shower tile ideas

This attic bathroom looks bright and clean with the all-white interior. It has a dedicated shower area closed by a glass screen and door. The owner installs floating shelves in the corner to create a decluttered look.

11. Corner Shower Stall

shower curtain ideas for a small bathroom

This shower stall fits the small bathroom. The screen is in a random shape to simply follow the available space.

12. Modern Bathroom with Walk-In Shower

small bathroom designs with bath and separate shower

This modern walk-in shower is cool and charming despite the narrow space. The shower area features a glass screen that does not obstruct the appearance of its natural stone walls.

13. Brass Bathroom Fixtures

bathroom shower tile ideas 2019

Brass fixtures and wooden-like tiles make this shower area seem relaxing and stunning. To brighten up the room, a window is included in the design. A glass screen is also employed to separate the space unnoticeably.

14. Separated Shower and Bathtub

small bathroom remodel ideas with tub and shower

Do you have a long but narrow bathroom? Consider dividing the shower from the bathtub as shown above. Put a space-saving storage solution in between, so you can easily grab extra soaps, shampoos, and others.

15. Enclosed Shower in Subway Tiles

basement bathroom with corner shower

Subway tiles and stainless steel fixtures give this enclosed shower area a modern charm. The all-white walls and ceilings are then paired with black flooring for a fun statement.

16. Simple Shower Curtain

bathroom design ideas shower curtains

If you do not have an adequate budget for installing a glass screen or door, a shower curtain has always been the best choice of all. You just need to get a rod and curtain for additional privacy inside your bathroom.

17. Curved Shower Stall

bathroom shower ideas for small bathrooms

In case you think that shower curtain is not enough to block water splashes, come back to a glass shower screen. Designed to fit in the corner of this tiny bathroom, the shower stall features a curvy shape.

18. Rustic Shower Stall

bathroom ideas with just a shower

This rustic shower area features a log-like pillar on one side of its stall. Frosted glass is selected for the screen to give off a remarkable twist in the bathroom.

19. Transitional Shower Room

bathroom shower stall floor tile ideas

The simplicity of this bathroom design could make you capable to stay for a bit longer inside. The shower area is separated with a half wall and half glass screen.

20. Minimalist Shower Stall

small bathroom shower bath ideas

The pattern and color of the tiles used in this shower stall hints classical style. Yet, the rest of the walls are painted in pale blue to create a fun contrast.

21. Shiplap Shower Stall

small bathroom with neo angle shower

You do not need to always bond with tiles when designing a shower stall, or you can go with shiplap too. Nevertheless, you may need to build a waterproof system beforehand.

22. Shower Stall with Warm Mood

small bathroom with tub shower combo

The use of orange light bulbs and earthy color palettes has made this bathroom offer such a warm and inviting atmosphere.

23. Tiny Bathroom with Character

small bathroom ideas with shower pinterest

This super tiny bathroom looks fascinating thanks to the use of patterned tiles applied from the shower area to the floor. Wall-mounted toilet and sink are installed to save some space here.

In conclusion, a combination of a stunning shower surround and adequate natural light is perfect in any narrow bathroom. Those 23 small bathroom shower ideas could help you find some of the best inspirations for sure. Good luck!


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