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21 Texas Barndominium Design Ideas and Pictures

Affording a cozy and relaxing house has been everyone’s wish for a long time. However, having the ability to create a Texas barndominium is a completely new level for those who want it. Nowadays, people consider it as a paradise for any rancher.

Today’s barndominium in Texas meets the requirement for being a comfortable house to live and a barn to store any piece of equipment. You can even develop it with modern construction materials with a completely new concept and design.

The following are some barndominium ideas that you will typically find across Texas.

1. Beautiful Barndominium with Cottage Flair

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A barndominium has become the latest Texas dream house because it is cozy and affordable. The picture above could perfectly show how a barndominium suits this idea. With a cottage-style design, this barndominium boasts with an inviting mood both indoor and outdoor.

2. Simple yet Adorable Barndominium

barndominium dayton texas

The first thing that comes in mind when seeing this barndominium is the word ‘cute’. You will not deny how adorable this small barndominium is thanks to the pink and violet color used in the palette.

3. Relaxing Barndominium in Texas

barndominium dallas texas

This gorgeous barndominium has a well-maintained lawn around it, offering a total sense of relaxation. It makes a perfect place for the family to play or simply unwind under the Texas sun.

The construction of this barndominium seems durable and everlasting too. Featuring many windows, you can easily get in touch with nature even inside the building.

4. Texas Two-Story Barndominium

barndominium texas hill country

If you own limited space, this two-level barndominium should suit your needs. It has a simple design with a calming color scheme, offering a homier feel to its exterior.

5. Simple Barndominium with Spacious Patio

building a barndominium texas

There is nothing better than enjoying the Texas warm sun right from your patio. With this spacious patio, you can incorporate several seating options outside the barndominium. Do not forget to install some lighting to use this area during the summer night.

6. Affordable Barndominium in Texas

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Many homeowners decide to go with barndominium because it is affordable. Whether you revamp it from an ex-barn or intentionally build it as a new house, creating one is affordably possible.

7. Homey Interior of Texas Barndominium

texas land barndominium

This barndominium has a very homey interior. Rich in natural elements, no one would feel bored spending their time here. The eating area is right beside the kitchen, so you can entertain your guests while preparing some meals.

8. Barndominium Interior with Antique Appeal

barndominium abilene texas

The owner refurbishes this old barn into a cozy space for living. It is equipped with a coffee table, chair, and even an antique bed.

9. Texas Luxurious Barndominium

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This barndominium looks highly plush and well maintained. Its exposed brick exterior hints dependable constructions. That is why it is unquestionably one of the Texas barndominiums’ dream home.

10. Charming Barndominium Interior

barndominium texas houston

Equipped with crystal chandeliers, this barndominium interior seems super charming and grand. It makes nice inspiration for those of you who want to throw a party in a barndominium.

11. Unique Barndominium with Interior Balcony

houston texas barndominium

Barndominium exterior design does not typically come up with a balcony. Instead, you can do it inside the building as shown above. You can build the balcony for the bedroom that is above the kitchen.

12. Fixer-Upper Barndominium Idea

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Do you find a fixer-upper Texas barndominium? This idea may help you get inspired. The new design is very modern and looks charming. Do not forget to landscape the front yard properly to maximize the exterior view.

13. Barndominium with Inviting Exterior

barndominium central texas

This barndominium features exposed brick walls and wooden ceilings. The exterior gives off a charming, welcoming view. The walkway is connected to the front patio, making it possible for a car to drop you right in front of the house.

14. Small Barndominium with Modern Charm

barndominium kerrville texas

Is your house location in Texas surrounded by a beautiful natural view? Then, make the most of it by designing your barndominium with glass panels.

You can apply them to the windows or doors like this. If possible, create a patio deck as well to accommodate an outdoor seating area.

15. Perfect Barndominium for Urban Area

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It is no secret that barndominium is especially popular in Texas rural areas. Nevertheless, it does not mean that you cannot bring it to an urban area. This modern barndominium design should be suitable for a more metropolitan neighborhood too.

16. Barndominium with Open Floor Interior

barndominium gainesville texas

Most barndominiums go with an open floor plan, just like this appealing barndominium interior that joins the living area and kitchen. The wide windows applied here allow homeowners to enjoy a sunny day in Texas.

17. Barndominium with Reliable Construction

west texas barndominium builders

Turn a small building for your farm products into a simple barndominium like shown above. This small and simple barndominium would make an ideal second home for you.

Consider incorporating some flowerpots around this barndominium to add colors. You can also add some outdoor furniture to enjoy the sunny days of Texas.

18. Rich-in-Light Barndominium Design

north texas barndominium builders

It would be such a waste if you were not taking advantage of the Texas sun to provide natural light in your barndominium. With a floor-to-ceiling glass wall, you could feel more connected to the natural world in this barndominium.

19. Dark Themed Barndominium Interior

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This barndominium interior design proves that a dark color scheme does not always make your home feel gloomy and cramped. When executed perfectly, you will get such an amazing interior like this barndominium.

20. Barndominium with Exceptional Corner Windows

texas bowhunter barndominium

A lovely country view is indeed a great asset to any Texas dream house. If your barndominium owns the luxury of a beautiful outdoor view, applying wide glass windows like this one would be a great choice.

Moreover, you can give additional landscaping features in the front yard to make it a talk of the neighborhood.

21. Two-Story Red Barndominium Design

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Painting your barndominium exterior in red is super cool. It creates a contrasting color to the trees and greeneries surrounding the building.
This barndominium also features a sunroom that allows you to connect to the outside world in the comfort of your home interior.

That is all several inspiring ideas for Texas barndominium. With wide-open spaces, extra rooms for various purposes, and affordable costs, a barndominium is indeed the most suitable Texas dream house nowadays. So, what are you waiting for?


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